What To Include In A Wedding Invitation Suite

blush handmade paper wedding invitation suite with gold foil

One of the most common questions we get asked as custom invitation designers is “What should we include in the wedding invitation suite?” As time goes by and formal traditions surrounding wedding invitations evolve, this is a very valid question and and the answer is unique to every couple and their specific wedding details. While we are happy to offer guidance based on formal etiquette rules, we also completely understand and defer to our clients’ preferences. We’ve put together this guide on what to include in a wedding invitation suite to help!

What Goes in a Traditional Wedding Invitation Suite

lavender themed wedding invitation suite
Wedding Invitation Suite with Invitation Card, RSVP Card, Reception Card, and Thank You Note

Pictured above is a fairly standard wedding invitation suite consisting of a:

  • Wedding Invitation Card (Ceremony only)
  • Reception Card (Separate location from ceremony)
  • RSVP Card (With RSVP Envelopes)
  • Thank You Notes

Traditionally, one would have a separate enclosure card for every piece of information. When the reception location is separate from the ceremony, typically we would include a separate Reception Card with the time and location details. However, nowadays some of our couples may opt to combine both the ceremony and reception details on the main invitation card to cut costs. This also assumes that there is enough room to fit all of the information on the invitation card. If the ceremony and reception are at the same location, you would simply have a line at the bottom stating “Reception to follow” or “Dinner and dancing to follow” – it is implied that they are at the same location. Check out our handy wedding wording guide for some suggested templates on how to word your wedding invitations.

The RSVP Card has a space for guests to fill in their name(s), and indicate whether or not they will be able to attend. To further customize this card, you can also include plated entrée choices, dietary restrictions or food allergies, and even have a space for the number of guests attending.

While Thank You Notes are not mailed together with the wedding invitations, we generally recommend ordering them at the same time as your wedding invitation order. This helps so that as you receive wedding gifts, you can mail out a thank you note right away. If you plan to have photo Thank You Notes, then we’d need to wait until after the wedding for you to get photos back from your photographer, which isn’t a problem at all!

Examples of Wedding Invitation Cards with Reception at Same Location

A general rule of thumb for ceremonies and receptions at the same location are to simply have a line at the bottom of your main wedding invitation card, saying something like “Reception to follow”. We have included some photo examples above of different layouts on how you could word this. Alternative options can include “Dinner and dancing to follow” or “Dinner, drinks, and dancing to follow”. There are also more fun options, such as “Merriment to follow”. When this line is on your main invitation card, it is implied and safe for guests to assume that the reception will be at the same location as the ceremony.

Examples of Wedding Reception Cards

For those couples with a reception venue that is separate from the ceremony location, it is traditional to include a separate Reception Card within the wedding invitation suite. You’ll see a few examples above with different ways to word the information, but the bare minimum is to include the time (if not immediately after the ceremony), venue name, and address. You can choose to include additional information, such as attire. Our invitation designers can help you create Reception Cards that will match with the rest of your wedding stationery so that everything is cohesive.

Examples of Mailed RSVP Cards

Outside of the main wedding invitation card, one of the next most important cards is the RSVP Card or the Respond Card. This is how your guests can let you know whether or not they’ll be attending! For the traditionalists, typically this would include an RSVP Envelope that is pre-printed with your address. The couple should also pre-stamp the envelope with postage to make it as easy as possible for their guests to reply. On this card, you would include a reply-by date, a space for guests to fill-in their names, and whether or not they are attending. Additional options are to include entrée choices, dietary restrictions and/or food allergies, and any other fun details, such as dance floor song requests.

Examples of Online RSVP Cards

With the advent of the wedding website, a lot of our couples have been directing guests to their wedding website to RSVP online instead of doing a physical mail-in card. This can be a great option to save postage and time, as the online RSVP is instantaneous. You can also kill two birds with one stone, since guests will hopefully also explore the rest of your wedding website to learn more about your wedding, such as accommodations, directions, attire, registry, and more. In addition to printing the website URL, we can also print a QR code to make it even easier for guests to head to your website. For older folks who may not be as tech-savvy, we can print a smaller run of mail-in RSVP cards, or you can follow up with them separately to assist them with RSVPing online.

Examples of Wedding Weekend Events Cards

Nowadays, a lot of weddings may include additional events to round out a whole weekend, getaway, or staycation. Some venues in the San Francisco Bay Area do not even allow rentals for just one single day, and are focusing on multi-day wedding events for a truly all-inclusive experience. Traditionally, one would have a separate card for every single event. However, we have been printing a lot of “Wedding Weekend Events” cards that include all of the details for events like Rehearsal Dinners, Welcome Parties, Wedding Activities, and Farewell Brunches. It’s completely up to you if you’d prefer to combine all your events into one card, or have a separate card for each!

Examples of Wedding Details Cards

The Wedding Details Card is something that we generally call the “wild” card here at Hyegraph. This card (or cards) includes all the miscellaneous details, such as attire, directions, accommodations, parking instructions, shuttle transportation, and more. It can be as simple as directing guests to your wedding website for more information, or it can be as detailed as you like. We usually suggest putting anything absolutely pertinent in print on a card, as it’s not guaranteed that all guests will visit the wedding website. For example, if you have a room block that needs to be filled, we would recommend putting that in print. If there is no parking on site and shuttle transportation is mandatory, that should also be in print. We can work with you to figure out the best approach to the Details Card!

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