Elevate Your Wedding with 3D Acrylic Wedding Invitations in San Francisco

Is your goal to make a memorable statement for your guests before the wedding day? Look no further than our special 3D acrylic wedding invitations, offering both elegance and sophistication. In the San Francisco Bay Area, a region renowned for its creativity and innovation, our couples are opting for unique and visually stunning alternatives to traditional paper invitations. Crafted from acrylic in varying thicknesses and colors, these custom wedding invitations add a touch of luxury and personality to your special day.

Why Choose 3D Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Versatility: Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, our 3D acrylic invitations can be tailored to suit any venue or style.

Tactile Experience: The weight and texture of acrylic add a luxurious feel to the overall presentation, creating a tactile experience for your guests.

Reflects Your Love Story: These invitations serve as a reflection of your unique love story, showcasing your commitment to one another in a tangible and visually striking way.

Bring your invitations to life with intricate details and layers, capturing the attention of your guests and serving as cherished keepsakes. With endless design possibilities, from minimalist to intricate floral motifs, these are a great option for unique wedding stationery that can be customized to complement any wedding theme or aesthetic. Read on for some of our favorite ways to utilize these interesting 3D acrylic pieces.

3D Acrylic on Acrylic Wedding Invitations

For those looking to make a statement, these invitation styles are a fantastic option. Choose from a selection of base acrylic materials in different colors and thicknesses, and then decide on which elements you would like to raise with an additional 3D acrylic piece. It can be as simple as your initials or monogram, and it can be as complex as a full border design or your full names. Due to the multiple thicknesses of the combined acrylic pieces, we strongly recommend mailing these in an extra thick envelope or a box, which we can also help you personalize to fit your design. Keep in mind that postage will start at parcel rates via USPS for this style.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations with 3D Acrylic Embellishments

Our romantic laser cut wedding invitation designs continue to be extremely popular, and now they can be upgraded by adding a 3D acrylic embellishment. Choose from an assortment of wraps, folders, and pockets in a variety of matte and shimmer paper colors. Your paper invitation and enclosure cards can be printed with specialty methods, like thermography, foil, uv, digital, and more. Consider if you would like a monogram, a crest, or a special design to have your acrylic piece cut into, and then we can use it as a closure, or even a topper on your belly band. This is a versatile option that can yield hundreds of color and designs that are sure to fit any wedding theme.

Pocket Wedding Invitations with 3D Acrylic Stickers

Pocket wedding invitation styles are a great fit for couples who may need multiple enclosure cards, such as rsvp cards, reception cards, details cards, accommodations cards, and more. They make it easy to keep all of your wedding stationery in one place, and are a neat packet for guests to receive and see all of your details at a glance. Not sure which additional cards you might need in your wedding invitation suite? Check out our post on What To Include In A Wedding Invitation Suite. Custom 3D acrylic stickers are a great option to dress up your pocket invitations and add a little extra bling.

Traditional Invitation Cards with Laser Cut 3D Acrylic Stickers

Sometimes, less is more. For a more traditional look, pair classic paper wedding invitations with a subtle touch of elegance by adding a 3D acrylic element. We love how shiny the acrylic is and how it adds an extra dimension to simple wedding invitations. Choose our 1mm thick acrylic to keep the overall wedding invitation suite lighter and thinner, which will help keep postage costs down. With all the different paper colors and design options, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a lavish celebration, 3D acrylic wedding invitations are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests, reflecting the beauty and elegance of your love story.

Custom Wedding Invitation Designer in San Francisco, CA

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy is a brick-and-mortar stationery store located in the Financial District of San Francisco, CA. We welcome all couples in love to make a FREE appointment to visit us for a design consultation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist. For those residing outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, we can also work with you virtually via email or phone, and ship your personalized stationery to you. We look forward to working with you to create your dream wedding invitations!

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