Melissa & Sevan’s Chic Armenian Wedding at Bently Reserve ~ San Francisco, CA

Melissa & Sevan’s Chic Armenian Wedding at Bently Reserve in San Francisco, CA

Something I love about weddings is that you see a couple’s emotions and love culminate surrounded by close family and loved ones. The latest hair dues atop the fashionably dressed guests. The bride and groom dance the night they’ve been planning for on average a year. They hire a wedding planner, pick a venue, a bridal dress, a photographer, music, invitation designer, and a wedding cake. These are just a few of the professionals that come together to create a seamless wedding day.

This was the case for my cousin Sevan and his lovely bride Melissa who are an Armenian couple residing in California. Sevan is from Los Angeles and Melissa is from the Bay Area. My cousin is a tall, handsome Armenian guy and his bride is a petite, beautiful Armenian girl. When they come together as the King and Queen as the priest announced in his sermon at St. Vartan Armenian Church in Oakland, they create something more than the individuals they have been: now they are a couple. Although modern life has made marriage something to struggle through or maybe it always was, young people and old ones alike can’t resist that special feeling which is love. Hopefully, in the best of marriages this love will not only withstand life challenges but flourish and make everything better! This is my wish for my cousin Sevan and his bride Melissa. I hope the beautiful day will be one for them to look back on and reminisce for 100 years and more.

Melissa & Sevan Couple Kiss at Reception at Bently Reserve Wedding Stationery

Melissa & Sevan ~ Couple Kiss at Reception at Bently Reserve, San Francisco, CA ~ photo courtesy of www.jaimeandchasephotography ~ Wedding Stationery by

Wedding Menu Card

Wedding Reception Menu Card Matching Wedding Invitations from

Wedding menu cards

Melissa & Sevan  ~ Armenian Wedding Reception Table at Bently Reserve San Francisco ~ photo courtesy of ~ Wedding Menu Cards by

wedding place cards

Wedding Place Card Chart at Bently Reserve, San Franicisco ~ Reception, cards printed by

Kimono Restaurant Benicia Sushi reception platter at Benly Reserve

Kimono Restaurant Benicia Sushi reception platter at Benly Reserve,

Here are some of the details that made Melissa & Sevan’s Wedding Day very elegant. First of all they had a wonderful team of wedding planners from Simple Little Details who embroidered the right threads to create the Special Day. We were lucky enough to help them create their custom wedding invitation using Checkerboad designs from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy. It was a very bright and beautiful October Day in San Francisco. We witnessed the wedding in Oakland, CA. The guests were then invited to Bently Reserve to celebrate this joyous day. The photos above are courtesy of  Jaime and Chase Photography.

The above photo of our bride & groom show the couple kissing at their reception dinner, as husband and wife. The wonderful event captured in one image. The lighting, music the venue everything comes together for many special moments. Our couple chose a beautiful pocket invitation from our Checkerboard Designs. All of their stationery matched including their place cards and menus. We also printed the couple’s wedding envelopes using Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy Service. Among the appetizers were wonderful sliders and sushi from their family owned Sushi & Seafood Restaurant, Kimono Restaurant, in Benicia, CA.  There was fun music in Armenian and International languages. The guests and bride & groom had a wonderful time.

If you would like to design your next wedding or event stationery with Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy please Call, Email or Visit us at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. To see our latest Wedding, Party or Calligraphy designs please visit our Blog. Wishing great joy and health to our newly married couple!

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