A Wedding Invitation to the President

A Wedding Invitation addressed to the President by Hyegraph San Franciso

So did you think you’re not important? You can send a Wedding Invitation to the President too. Some of our couples have the President added to their guest list. Jacques says about 15 to 20 percent of our Hyegraph couples do add the President or another famous person like Oprah Winfrey and the Queen to their wedding guest list. Munnie, Hyegraph designer says our brides comment, “don’t laugh, but I’m sending an invitation to the president too”. She says they have a sense of humor about it and like the anticipation of receiving a response from him.

An Invitation Addressed to the President of the United States:

an invitation to the president

Wedding Invitation Addressed to the President, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., Washington District of Columbia 20500

The above invitation addressing was done by Jacques using Hand Calligraphy Pro I in black ink printed on Kraft style Wedding Envelopes for our Hyegraph Bride & Groom.  If you’d like to include the President on your guest list, simply add his address to your list and give it to your calligrapher. If you’d like Jacques to address your wedding invitations with Hyegraph Calligraphy, simply email your guest list to jacques@hyegraph.com.  Here is the President’s mailing address:

The President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington District of Columbia


Here is an example of a wedding invitation addressing to President Obama:

Inviting President Obama

Addressing the Envelope Inviting President Barack Obama www.hyegraph.com font style Markham, black ink

Example of Envelope Addressing Calligraphy Inviting Oprah Winfrey to the Wedding:

inviting Oprah Winfrey to the wedding

Addressing for Oprah Winfrey inviting to the wedding www.hyegraph.com font style Markham, black ink

According to the Knot,  “You will receive a pre-printed card with the signatures of the President and First Lady — which makes a wonderful keepsake.” Erica Lovley reported on this increasingly popular wedding trend in Politico.

Please contact us at Hyegraph or come in to our San Francisco store if you would like help addressing your wedding or event envelopes. See our Calligraphy page and our blog for calligraphy samples. Thank You, Hyegraph

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