How To Make Chicken Soup For Your Son Who Stayed Home Sick From School

How to Make Chicken Soup for your son who stayed home sick from school

This morning my son had a runny nose, so we decided to keep him home based on the principle’s email that students with runny noses among those showing other flu like symptoms stay home. After dropping my mom off at the San Francisco Airport heading to Boston, we came home after making a Starbucks run! Jacko, my son asked for his favorite ‘stay at home when you’re sick’ soup: chicken soup with potatoes and carrots. “Mom, you know the one with all the potatoes and carrots you make, I want that one!” articulated my handsome 8-year-old, who attends school in San Francisco. Of course, not to disappoint my son, I stated to boil some water and peal the vegetables and decided to blog about my chicken soup recipe!

Recipe for Chicken Soup for your son when he’s home sick from School:


Ingredients for Chicken Soup

4 cups water
stock pot
yellow potatoes
corn oil
chicken bouillon
Directions for making Chicken Soup when your son is home sick from school:
  1. Measure four cups water and pour into your favorite stock pot and start to heat on stove top.

water for chicken soup

2. Pour favorite cooking oil into the water, i.e. I use Mazolla Corn Oil, but you could use organic olive oil, conola oil, or oil or choice.

3. Add a chicken bouillon or vegetable bouillon to the water. ( You can substitute Chicken or vegetable stock instead of the bouillon if you prefer, simply adjust your liquid measurements accordingly. I use chicken bouillon since it’s chicken soup.

4. While the water, cooking oil and bouillon are simmering, wash, peel and dice your carrots and potatoes.



5.  Add your diced vegetables into your stock pot stir and add salt and pepper.



6.  Last add your Orzo or other pasta such as alphabet or elbow pasta. I like to use Orzo from Italy for this chicken soup recipe. Give it a stir and close lid with slightly ajar and bring down the heat once water starts to boil.


Once the vegetables are tender and the orzo is plump, shut off heat and your soup is ready to serve! ENJOY!


  This is a great recipe for kids and adults alike when you’re in bind and your child is home sick these ingredients are a shore find in your pantry, will come together quickly and more nutritious and guilt free than canned or dried soup mixes. You know you’re serving fresh vegetable and pasta to your kid who’s under the weather. Enjoy and stay healthy during the flu season!

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