Embarcadero Center Holiday Cards for Building Lighting Ceremony

San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center Holiday Cards for Building Lighting Ceremony

We just finished San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s Holiday Invitations for their 26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony in San Francisco. This event is by “invitation only” taking place at the Holiday Ice Rink at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA presented by Hawaiian Airlines. Here is the Card:

Holiday Cards for Embarcadero Center in San Francisco

San Francisco Embarcadero Center Holiday Photo Card www.hyegraph.com

The above Holiday Card is in three layers. The photo of the San Francisco Embarcadero Center is layered on top of white stock stationery then added onto a third layer of silver shimmer stock. The layered card is then affixed onto the pocket sleeve to accomplish the finished Holiday Card Look.

You’re Invited Pocket Holiday Card:

Holiday Pocket Invitation Card

“You’re Invited” Holiday Pocket Invitation Card www.hyegraph.com

The above “You’re Invited” Holiday Card Sleeve is in “sky blue”. The tab affixed on top of the card is in two layers–white stock and silver shimmer stock inscribed with the words “You’re invited”.

Holiday Card, Inside View:

Holiday Card for Embarcadero Center

San Francisco Embarcadero Center “26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony” Card

The above Holiday Invitation Card is the actual Invitation to the event. The card is two layers–white stock on top of silver shimmer stock. The card is then inserted into the pocket sleeve in the previous example. The text of the invitation is in three different ink colors: blue, black and silver. The logo for the Hawaiian Airlines is multi-colored. This is an example of a custom holiday card. The finished look is high-end, rich with fine stationery and stylish!

To see the San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s 25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Invitation Card please go to https://www.hyegraph.com/2012/10/boston-properties-25th-annual-building-lighting-ceremony-card/.

Happy Holidays! Hyegraph


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