Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing

Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing

I’ve been working with many bridal clients, corporate offices, planners and managers on their Digital Calligraphy orders for upcoming functions and events. My clients are local from the San Francisco Area as well as surrounding cities including Napa, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. I’ve also been getting calls nationwide for Calligraphy from New York, Seattle, WA, and Hawaii.

Digital Calligraphy also known as Computerized or Machine Calligraphy is popular with people planning events who would like beautiful, professional results and also cost efficient with rapid turn around.

Here is an Example of Envelope Addressing using Digital/Computer Calligraphy:

Font Style PE Andante

The above Font Style, PE Andante, illustrates a popular Calligraphy style clients like on their Envelope Addressing. The ink color on this sample is gold and the envelope color is complementary cream.

For more Calligraphy Font Styles, Pricing and Ordering Instructions please see our Calligraphy and Digital Calligraphy categories. I can customize your Envelopes with Elegant Calligraphy in as little as two days. Simply email me your guest list and mail or drop off your Envelopes to our Embarcadero Store in San Francisco, CA. Prices are $1 per Envelope for black ink and $1.25 for colored ink. I can match your Envelope Calligraphy to your Invitation font style or to another font style of your choice. Please take a look at our Testimonials Page for Happy Customers. Don’t hesitate to email or call me with questions regarding your Envelope Addressing.

Stuffing, Sealing, Stamping & Mailing Envelopes

In addition to Calligraphy we also provide a stuffing & Mailing Service which includes: Stuffing your envelopes with the invitation, Sealing the Envelopes, Stamping the Envelopes (stamps not included) and Delivering your Sealed Envelopes to the Mail House. Prices for our Stuffing & Mailing Service is $.75 per Envelope Set. For more information on our Envelope Stuffing & Mailing Service, please go to our Calligraphy page. Congratulations on your Special Event, hope to be part of your event planning process. Jacques/Hyegraph.



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