Lovepop: 3D Pop-Up Greeting Cards in the San Francisco Bay Area

Lovepop 3D Greeting Cards

If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, then you have probably heard of Lovepop! They first appeared on the show back in 2015, and received an investment from Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary. The founders were on a trip to Vietnam when they discovered kirigami, a paper art form that includes both cutting and folding. Utilizing their engineering background, they formed Lovepop and began designing beautiful 3D pop-up cards for all of life’s occasions. As invitation designers, we are a proud retailer of Lovepop products and are always excited to see what they come up with next. You can visit our brick-and-mortar stationery shop in the Financial District of San Francisco at Three Embarcadero Center, or shop online. Some of our favorite designs are ones that feature pop culture references, such as Harry Potter, Disney Pixar, Minions, and more. Check out our favorites below!

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Best Harry Potter Lovepop 3D Pop-Up Cards

Harry Potter has always held a special place in my heart. I first discovered the book series in elementary school based on a recommendation from the librarian, and I ended up borrowing them over and overfilling the library checkout card with my name. One of my core memories involves buying the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on release day, and locking myself in my room and binge-reading the entire thing in one sitting. Once I was done, I was both overwhelmingly happy and sad that it was over. Lovepop makes an amazing assortment of Harry Potter-themed pop-up cards, and any of the designs would make a perfect gift for the Potterhead in your life. Shop online for Lovepop Harry Potter Cards.

Best Disney Pixar Lovepop 3D Pop-Up Cards

Between all the Disney and Pixar properties, there is sure to be a perfect Lovepop greeting card for any recipient in your life. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are a crowd favorite here, and there are several card designs for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Halloween, and Christmas. For fans of Disney Pixar’s Up, the “My Greatest Adventure” pop-up card has been a favorite to give your special someone. Lovepop also has classic designs from your favorite childhood movies, such as Peter Pan, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and more! Shop online for Lovepop Disney and Pixar cards.

Best Despicable Me Minions Lovepop 3D Pop-Up Cards

When the Despicable Me movie came out, the cute yellow minion characters took the world by storm. Every minion has such a unique personality and look, and their signature blue overalls inspired tons of Halloween costumes. The Lovepop Despicable Me Minions cards are great for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and just because. They are perfect for any fans, both young and old. Shop online for Lovepop Despicable Me Minions cards.

Best Star Wars Lovepop 3D Pop-Up Cards

Fans of the Star Wars series are always impressed when they see a Lovepop Star Wars pop-up card. Some of the classic styles include the Death Star Disco Birthday, as well as the BB-8 Mine card. Once The Mandalorian series came out on Disney+, Lovepop created several designs with the Grogu character, making it an instant hit. Lovepop’s Star Wars pop-up cards are a no-brainer for the Star Wars fan in your life. Shop online for Lovepop Star Wars cards.

We carry an assortment of Lovepop cards in our brick-and-mortar stationery store in the Financial District of San Francisco, CA; contact us now to learn more! You can also shop online using any of the links in this blog.

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