Engraved Nutcracker Holiday Card & Engraved Christmas Tree Card, Crane & CO. at Hyegraph San Francisco

Engraved Nutcracker Holiday Cards, Engraved Christmas Tree Holiday Cards from Crane & CO. at Hyegraph San Francisco

It’s beautiful displaying our seasonal hand engraved Holiday Cards from Crane & Co. at our store at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, Ca. Crane & Co.’s  pretty reds, and opulent golds cannot be replaced with any other designs or colors. It’s rich, classic and traditional. There is something magnificent when you touch the engraved card and your fingers and eyes see the textures and inks on the crane design. Your senses a happy and you’re taken back to a snow fallen road when you were a kid walking on a winter day next to your dad and couldn’t wait to get home where your mom would be making something warm and would comfort you on arrival. That’s what it feels like to touch a Crane & CO. Holiday Card like the Nutcracker, or the Christmas Tree. You know you’re face to face with your history.

Engraved Nutcracker Holiday Card with Metallic Gold from Crane & Co. Hyegraph SF

Nutcracker Engraved Christmas Card

Nutcracker Engraved Holiday Card from Crane & CO. at www.hyegraph.com

Here’s another example of the distinguished Nutcracker from Crane & Co.

Nutcracker Soldier

Nutcracker Soldier in Blue & Red www.hyegraph.com

Our distinguished Nutcracker Soldier stands so erect ready for action, still he carries a mild mannered smile. He must be guarding something or someone special or maybe it’s Christmas Eve and that could be why he has a tender look on his wooded face.

Engraved Christmas Tree Card from Crane & Co. at Hyegraph 3 Embarcadero Center SF

Christmas Tree Holiday Card

Christmas Tree Engraved Holiday Card from Crane & Co. at Hyegraph Embarcdero Center www.hyegraph.com

A Christmas Tree is symbolic of Christmas, maybe not the Holiday Season but for sure Christmas when Christ was born. This is why we walk around town and go online to find a special gift for the special people in our lives. Otherwise we would simply be robots without souls or feelings or emotions unattached to our surroundings and the people in it. We are lucky to put up a tree in our home, whether a real one or a pretend one and direct our wishes and hopes to the tree. It’s nice to see the lights in the tree, the lights of hope and of all possibilities. Why are we here if only to make a living and sustain ourselves if not to laugh, and cry and dream and hug and dance and play. Christmas reminds of us everything that matters, safety, home, nutrition and our families who  do all that. They keep us safe, they feed us and love us. Thank You Jesus for saving us so that we may endure and love.

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