Envelope Addressing using Hand Script Pro Calligraphy Font Style

Envelope Addressing using Hand Script Pro Calligraphy Font Style

Here’s is what I recently worked on for my client in Los Angeles, Ca.¬†Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing using “Hand Script Pro” Font Style Calligraphy in Navy Ink Color.

This Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing is an example is an addressing in Beverly Hills, CA:

Envelope addressing Calligraphy using hand script pro font style

Envelope Addressing Using “Hand Script Pro” Calligraphy Font Style in Navy Ink www.hyegraph.com

This is a great way to send out your resume, letter or invitation in style. Using Elegant “Hand Scrip Pro” Envelope Addressing! This font style looks like hand calligraphy but is done with digital calligraphy with rapid turnaround and a more affordable alternative to hand calligraphy. Specifically used often for envelope addressing needs. Our client in Los Angeles was very happy with the results. She used this calligraphy addressed envelopes to send out resumes in the Los Angeles, California area. Even though these envelopes are larger than most mailers we still only charged her $1 per envelope.

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