Wedding Invitations~San Francisco Wedding Invitations from Checkerboard~Three Languages

Wedding Invitations~San Francisco Wedding Invitations from Checkerboard~Three Languages

Our Bride & Groom just received their Wedding Invitations which we designed using Checkerboard Stationery from Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy in San Francisco CA.! Their Custom Wedding Invitations are in three languages including: French, German and English. So our couple has French Wedding Invitations, German Wedding Invitations and English Wedding Invitations.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations in Three Languages

Our Bride and Groom wanted wedding invitations in three languages including English. The above examples of Wedding Invitations illustrate Three Different Invitations for the same Event, however, each Wedding Invitation is in a Different Language including: English, French & German.

This Wedding Invitation designed with Checkerboard Invitations is in three layers of stationery: top layer-Cream Stock Stationery; Middle Layer-Olive colored Stock; Bottom Layer-Orange colored Stock. Since the couple have an international family and friend guest list they opted for three different invitations to be sent out according to the language spoken by their guests. If you’d like to order this invitation ONLINE, please click on SHOP ONLINE! If you’d like us to help you with the design process please call or come in to our store. You can also see more invitations on our website, Don’t forget about our elegant digital calligraphy for your envelope addressing. Congratulations and Happy Planning

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