Bar Mitzvah Invitations & Bat Mitzvah Invitations from Arlene Segal Designs at Hyegraph San Francisco

Arlene Segal Designs create High End Bar Mitzvah Invitations and Bat Mitzvah Invitations from High quality papers and Unique Designs. We have worked with Arlene Segal Designs for many years and our invitation sets always turn our Special and are a customer pleaser. Below please find some Invitations design examples:

Treasured Torah Bar Mitzvah Invitation Design from Arlene Segal Designs

The above Bar Mitzvah Invitation has been designed using paper selections including Peppered Bronze, Antique Gold Shimmer, Rust Suede and Crinkled Bark. The ink selection is Henna and the envelope selection is Egg Shell. Price is $13.50 for each Invitation not including the response set cards. You can order your “Torah” Bar Mitzvah Invitations from our ONLINE site or view more of our stationery and bar/mitzvah examples on our Stationery/Bar Mitazvah Page. You can also come in to our San Francisco store for custom invitations.

“It’s Complimentary” Pocket Bat Mitzvah Invitation from Arlene Segal Designs

The above Bat Mitvah Invitation Design is Fresh and Lovely perfect for a young girl celebrating her Bat Mitvah! This example is a pocket invitation in Mint Suede decorated with youthful flowers and pink and green satin ribbons. The insert for the invitation is Arctic White and the ink colors are Pink & Green in Thermography Printing. Prices for this Arlene Segal Bat Mitzvah Invitation is $15.75 per each Invitation. You can order your Bat Mitzvah Invitation from our ONLINE site or view more of our in store selections on our Stationery/Bat/Mitzvah Page. You can also come in to our San Francisco Store located at three Embarcadero Center to order.

Designing the invitation is a fun part of the planning process for any special event. However, the planning can also be challenging and overwhelming. Please come in to Hyegraph where we can assist you with the design process and make your decision making simpler with our expert consultation and stationery designs. Please see the article “You’re Invited” written by Smart Meetings about how we work with our clients to customize their Stationery. Please see our Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitvah Category for more design ideas. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions!

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy also specialized in Digital Calligraphy for Addressing the Envelopes for your Guest List. Please see our Calligraphy Page for fonts, styles, pricing and ordering instructions. Thank You, Hyegraph

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