San Francisco Wedding Invitations

san francisco wedding invitations

William Arthur Wedding Invitations ~ Ecru Painted Edge Card from Hyegraph San Francisco

The William Arthur Weddings Album Volume Three showcases some unique, brand new inspiring designs including this Ecru heavy weight bristol foil stamped navy blue painted edge card our client chose for her October wedding taking place in San Francisco at the City View at the Metreon!

This gold foil card is breathtaking with the couple’s name in large script fonts and the rest of the invite in block lettering. This makes an attractive and impressive invitation to a luxurious affair. The details are striking including the navy blue edges to the heavy weight bristol ecru card stock from William Arthur. The back of the card is plain ecru. Our couple, Shilpa & Blake also chose the matching gold foil polka dot design envelope liner (cost $25/25 lined envelopes).

Jacques addressed the couple’s invitation envelopes with Hyegraph’s Elegant Digital Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing (cost $1.00 per envelope). The couple also chose the printed envelopes with the Hindu Ganesha Symbol for the return envelope addressing (cost $716 for 25 invitations with single envelope printed).

This invitation is rich with detail and lavish with gold foils and painted edges. Together with the lined envelopes (gold polka dots, image not shown) and the printed Hindu Ganesha Symbol make a statement of refined taste and simultaneous opulence.

William Arthur Gold Foil Stamped Painted Edge Wedding Invitation Card:

gold foil stamped wedding invitations WILLIAM-ARTHUR-WEDDING-INVITATION-GOLD-FOIL-HYEGRAPH-INVITATION-AND-CALLIGRAPHY RETURN-ADDRESS-WEDDING-ENVELOPE-ADDRESSING-HINDU-GANESH-SYMBOL-HYEGRAPH-INVITATIONS-AND-CALLIGRAPHY GUEST-ADDRESS-ENVELOPE-ADDRESSING-RETURN-ADDRESS-ADDRESSING-HYEGRAPH-INVITATIONS-AND-CALLIGRAPHYThe above gold foil stamped wedding invitation also come in magenta, gold, silver or white edging. The gold foil stamping can be substituted with silver foil stamping letterpress printing or engraving.

These enchanting wedding invitations can also be ordered in matching edged Menu cards. Place Cards and Programs would also make a great addition to complete the wedding stationery set.

We also designed the couple’s Wedding Seating Chart, Wedding Place Cards, and Wedding Table Number Cards with our Digital Calligraphy.

Please Call Hyegraph for an appointment for a FREE Wedding Invitation Design Consultation.


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Vera Wang Papers On Weddings Volume Two from Crane & CO. at Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco

The Vera Wang Papers On Weddings Volume Two is now at Hyegraph! You can come to view the new collection now. Her new collection includes rich ink colors for Engraving: Brushed Silver, Sun Gold, Polished Copper. For Foil inks: Silver, Gold, Copper, Black, White. For Thermography Merlot, Scarlet, Dahlia.

Whether your gown is Vera Wang or not you can still choose Vera Wang for your Wedding or next event! The Vera Wang Stationery Collection comes in quantities of 25 with a minimum ordering requirement of 25 invitations. Here are some of the designs from the new Weddings Volume Two!

Vera Wang Papers on Weddings Volume Two Gold Confetti

Vera Wang Wedding save the date weddings volume two black and white Vera Wang Papers on Weddings Volume two wedding invitations Vera Wang Papers on Weddings Volume two Save the Dates black and white  Vera Wang on Weddings Volume Two Save the date black and white Vera Wang black and white stiped wedding invitation weddings volume two Vera Wang Black and White Letterpress Weddings volume two Vera Wang Weddings Volume two white on black wedding invitation vera_wang-wedding_gowns Vera Wang Papers On WeddingsThe above wedding invitations and save the dates from the new Vera Wang Wedding Album, “Vera Wang Papers, On Weddings Volume 2″ printed by Crane & Co. are the new addition to our wedding invitation collection. The cards above illustrate black and white Save the Dates, Black and white striped wedding invitations, invitations with gold confetti, french envelopes and itinerary cards. The selection includes engraved, letterpress and thermography type printing.

Each of the above Vera Wang Designer Wedding Invitations comes with a matching Oyster White Envelope which is also available to be printed with your return address and your guest addresses. The guest addressing can be done using Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy.

These invitations are priced based on quantity, the type of printing requested, ink color selection and personalization. Please call, email or stop by at Hyegraph Invitaitons & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111.


Monique Lhuillier Designer Wedding Invitations & Custom Stationery at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Monique Lhuillier loves to make her clients look suave and elegant with her ultra feminine wedding gown collection, her formal gown wear, evening shoes and her Fine Wedding and Custom Stationery. She has designed only one Wedding Album entitled, “FINE PAPER COLLECTION”.  This unique album feature save the date cards, wedding invitations, response cards, thank you cards, custom personalized stationery, wedding programs, accommodations cards, maps, menus, personalized napkins, and unique wedding place cards.

Monique_Lhuillier_envelofold_embossed_wedding_invitations_hyegraph Monique_Lhuillier_wedding_invitation_pockets_hyegraph_invitations Monique_lhuillier_wedding_invitation_satin_bowmonique_lhuillier_wedding_invitation_white_butterfly_hyegraph_invitations

Each one of Monique’s Designs are special because she personally designs them inspired by her wedding gown collection. Her cards have embossed butterflies, alencon lace patterns, laser cut, die cut, silk & satin bows, flowers, roses and more designs. Another great feature of the Monique Lhuillier Album is the printing styles. You’re not limited to only letterpress, engraved or thermography. Instead, on most of her stationery designs you can choose from Thermography, Engraved, or Letterpress, which adjusts the price according to the printing technique used. This allows you to set your budget but still order designer invitations! Please come in to Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco 94132 so you can personally see her designs in person. Don’t forget to add elegant Calligraphy on your guest envelopes for just $1.00, see more of our Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates and our Happy Customers! Sincerely, Hyegraph/San Francisco


Checkerboard Wedding Promotion: Buy 75 Wedding Invitations or Save the Dates and get 25 FREE at Hyegraph

This is a great time to be a bride or groom. We have beautiful Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations to suite your taste at Hyegraph Embarcadero. We will help you with the design process, graphics, art, wording and etiquette and you even get 25 FREE cards when you order 75 wedding or save the date cards by March 31st, 2013.

Receive 25 FREE cards when you order 75 wedding invitations or save the dates from Checkerboard

Buy 75 Save the Dates or Wedding Invitations and get 25 FREE from Checkerboard at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

Our Checkerboard Wedding Invitation collection includes: Unveiled Wedding Invitations, Paper Bouquet, A Marry Occasion, Blue Moon for Destination Weddings, the Modern Wedding Album, the Save the Date Album and others. We carry all of the Checkerboard Invitation Line. You can see more of our custom designs on our Wedding Blog under the Category: Checkerboard. To see most of the Checkerboard Line please see our ONLINE Shopping Site at eInvite. We can help you with the design process when you stop by at our San Francisco Store at 3 Embarcadero Center. You can see all of the Checkerboard designs in person at Hyegraph. Simply call, email or stop by at our San Francisco store.

Don’t forget to address your wedding envelopes with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing. Please see our Calligraphy page for font styles and ordering instructions. You can also check out our Wedding Blog for our latest custom designs. Congratulations/ Jacques/Hyegraph


Peacock Save the Dates and Wedding Invites at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Peacock themed Invitations have been a trend for Weddings for the past few years now. So I’m finally writing about this design that has entered our wedding and party stationery realm. Whether you’re looking for romantic Save the Dates or impressive Wedding Invitations, at Hyegraph, we can help you design a unique look incorporating the Peacock Pluma Design.

Save the Date with these colorful, bright, vibrant Peacock Feather Save the Dates from Checkerboard at Hyegraph!

 Peacock Feather Save the Dates from Checkerboard at Hyegraph:


The above peacock Save the Date is on Aubergine stock with flat printing in gold ink found in our Unveiled Checkerboard Album. The Save the Date Invitation is a great way to introduce your friends and family to you as a couple in a formal way on paper also setting an expectation of the actual Wedding Date.

Peacock Wedding Invitations from Lemon Tree Stationery:

Send out your Wedding Invitations with a Peacock Feather Theme from Hyegraph


Peacock Feather Pluma Wedding Invitation from Lemon Tree Stationery at Hyegraph San Francisco

The above peacock design is incorporated into the wedding invitation by Lemon Tree Stationery on thick whiteboard. The first layer is the Peacock Feather, the second layer is the actual whiteboard and the third layer is the thermography–which is a heat seeking technique raised lettering tactile and felt by the touch-printed in violet ink matching the nuances of the violet in the peacock art work. This invitation is square which also comes with a square envelope also adorned by the peacock motif.

Peacock Feather Wedding Invitation back side with matching square white envelope:



See how vibrant and life like is the back of this wedding invitation from Lemon Tree Stationery which comes with a peacock feather adorned white, square envelope as seen in the above illustration.

A Peacock at our local San Francisco Zoo:

photo of peacock tail

Peacock shot at the San Francisco Zoo by

The above photo was shot by our local, award winning blogger, Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Blog, at the San Francisco Zoo.

Peacock Wall Art at New Delhi Restaurant:

Peacock Wall Art at New Delhi Restaurant

Peacock Wall Art at New Delhi Restaurant

The above Peacock wall art in copper was designed by Chef Ranjan Dey’s Wife to decorate their stylish, romantic New Delhi Restaurant in San Francisco

All of the above elements, be it an artwork at an Indian Restaurant, the motifs adorned on a Save the Date or Wedding Invite represent the bird, peacock,  which was named as the national bird of India in the 1960s. The colorful peacock which we associate with the extended feathers is actually the male bird. The male peacock displays his colorful, “extravagant eye-spotted tail” as a display for courtship, according to The female bird is called a peahen and the offspring is called peachicks. I suppose it is appropriate to use this attractive symbol of mating on save the dates and wedding invitations in Indian Weddings or any other ethnic or romantic invitations.

If you’re planning an extravagant event and need equally extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations, Persian Wedding Invitations or just a romantic invitation, the Peacock Invitation may be the appropriate design for you. You can see more Pluma Wedding Invitations, Indian Wedding Invitations, Mongolian Wedding Invitations or Armenian Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates on our Hyegraph Wedding Blog.

For prices on wedding invitations and Save the Dates please see our ONLINE site or call, email or stop in to Hyegraph located at Three Embarcadero Center in San Francisco.

If you need help addressing the envelopes for your wedding invitations, simply see our Calligraphy Page.

Happy Planning! Be like the male peacock and strike your feathers and stand tall and embrace the world.


Tropical Wedding  Invitations for a Hawaiian Wedding & SF Wedding themed stamps

Our clients are from Texas and their wedding is in Honolulu, Hawaii! Check out this beautiful Teal & White combination Wedding Invitation from Checkerboard we helped to personalize for our couple’s wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii for their destination wedding.

Wedding invitations for a Hawaiian Wedding

The vibrant, teal, satin ribbon accents the tropical theme of this destination wedding invitation. The bright, teal color of the satin bow is reminiscent of the clear, magnificent blue skies of Hawaii. Although I have only been to Maui, I can only imagine that Honolulu is just as blue as Maui.

Forever Stamps for Forever Happily Married

The above stamp illustrates the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Personalized Forever Stamp our couple, Tiffany & Daniel, are using for their RSVP Envelope postage!

This picturesque “Forever Stamp” is a symbol of our couple being “Forever” Married Happily Ever After. The photo consists of a couple walking by the pond at San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts underneath a Cherry Blossom Tree. The postage is used for their RSVP card Envelopes. The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts is a popular place wedding couples visit for photo shoots. The backdrop not only offers old world columns and trees and flowers it surrounds a pretty pond with ducks.

You can see more of our Checkerboard Selections and other wedding invitations on our website and blog!

If you would like us to help you with destination wedding invitations, envelope addressing or any other stationery services, please don’t hesitate to Email, Call, or stop by our Store conveniently located near the Ferry Building right in the Financial District in Three Embarcadero Center across from the Gap, Anne Taylor and See’s Candy.

Congratulations Tiffany & Daniel! Hyegraph/Jacques


Laser-Cut Wedding Invitations, Dual-Language Wedding Invitations and Destination Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

We just had a busy Wedding Season with wonderful Bride & Grooms. Hot Wedding Invitation and Save the Date styles this season were Laser Cut Wedding Invitations, Dual Language Wedding Invitations, and Destination Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates. Couples love to personalize their Invitations and Save the Dates with Monograms, their ethnicity and personal Style. Examples of stylish and highly personalized invitations we’ve helped create this wedding season are Passport Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates, dual-language wedding invitations including, Armenian, German and Mongolian languages and laser cut wedding invitations.

Here are some of the custom Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards we’ve created:

Passport Wedding Invitation & Save The Date Card for Destination Weddings

passport wedding invitations and save the date cards

Passport Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards

The above example illustrates a Passport Wedding Invitation and or Save the Date Card in teal blue with gold ink. We recommend this fun invitation idea for Destination Weddings. The cover of this card can also be personalized in navy blue or another color.

Armenian Wedding Invitations

armenian wedding invitations

Armenian Wedding Invitations

The above example of a Dual Language Wedding Invitation is in Armenian. The monogram was created by the client and we were able to incorporate the design onto the cover of the invitation.

German Wedding Invitations

german wedding invitations

German Wedding Invitations

The above German Wedding Invitation was one of two languages the couple requested. We also replicated the same design in English for our client to send to their guests.

Mongolian Wedding Invitations

mongolian wedding invitations

Mongolian Wedding Invitations

The above exquisite Dual-language Wedding Invitation is in Mongolian. The couple created their monogram and we incorporated it into the card design. The couple also requested custom wax seals to be affixed onto their envelopes.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

laser cut wedding invitations

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Finally, the above example illustrates a highly stylish and new design concept using lasers to cut the design motif on to the Wedding Invitation Jacket.

All of these designs are available for you to browse through at our San Francisco location. For more design options please see our website. If you’d like to work on a Personalized Wedding Invitation or Save the Date Card please contact us. We look forward to working with you on your next Special Event.

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Vera Wang Wedding Stationery at Hyegraph at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco

We’re proud to announce that we’re now offering the Vera Wang Wedding Stationery Collection at Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center in the San Francisco Financial District. Vera Wang’s distinct fashion style have made her a house hold name. We now offer her complete stationery set including save the dates, personal stationery and business stationery. Her Wedding Stationery Collection includes, save the date cards for destination weddings, pre-wedding celebrations such as bridal showers, engagement parties and rehearsal dinners.

Vera Wang’s distinct colors and patterns make her designs lavish and bold yet understated with elegant tones and hues. Her envelope lining and ink colors are all soft and elegant with colors like amethyst and raspberry. Her ink selections include “white” in foil, “no ink” in letterpress and “platinum” thermography. These elegant options and designs will add an understated elegance to the bride or planner planing her next wedding or the next event.

Vera Wang Wedding Invitation in black with eggshell engraved ink

The above Vera Wang Wedding Invitations is on fine William Arthur stock in black with engraved eggshell ink. Price for 100 Engraved cards with envelopes is $521. For more pricing and customization please call or email us.

Vera Wang Fashion Show at Unveiled by Bridal Galleria

We were recently at the Vera Wang Fashion show which was presented by Bridal Galleria and Unveiled at the City View at Metreon. The show consisted of 14 Vera Wang gowns worn by the original Vera Wang models as shown at the New York City Fashion Show. Guests were entertained by Elan Artists while waiting for the show to begin. The models all had their hair parted and tied in two like little school girls wearing minimal makeup promoting all the attention to the main attraction, the gown. The colors in the collection consisted of Cardinal, Dahlia and Crimson. The ball gown styles showcased were strapless, mermaid, and one shoulder.

Elan Artists Perform at the Unveiled Event

The Vera Wang Stationery collection is understated and muted with vibrant colors and motifs. She has made a point of having a separate  book for party invitations, personal stationery and business stationery. So for those clients who prefer designer stationery with high quality from William Arthur, the Vera Wang stationery collection is a great option with great value.


Nicole & Raffi’s Laser Cut Wedding Invitations from Crane & Co. at Hyegraph SF

Nicole & Raffi, our couple just sent out their Wedding Invitations for their upcoming August Wedding. The young couple chose an intricate Laser Cut Flower Pattern from Crane & Co. The invitation was customized using Gold Luster folder and card with complementary gold ink on cream card stock.

Nicole & Raffi’s Wedding Invitation


Laser Cut Wedding Invitations from Crane & Co.

This beautiful high tech design is reminiscent of old world lace. Crane uses laser to design this high quality stationery. The gold cover of the invitation is seen here behind the lace design. The couple chose to customize their invitation with this gold luster cover to match their wedding theme and colors. This intricate design is very engaging and sure to set the mood for a wonderful ceremony and reception for the couple.


Nicole & Raffi’s Wedding Invitation

The invitation above is the inside view of the laser cut invite. The gold theme is continued as an accent using gold ink with block lettering to accentuate the couple’s names. We were also happy to assist Nicole & Raffi with their Wedding Envelope Addressing using our Digital Calligraphy. We wish the couple our best for a successful and happy future! Please visit our website and blog for more Wedding Invitation ideas. Please come in to our San Francisco Store to create a unique design together.


Emily Post Wedding Invitations~”Style” & Emily Post Wedding Invitations~”Grace” at Hyegraph San Francisco

We attended the National Stationery Show in New York this May and brought back Emily Post’s only Wedding Invitation and Correspondence Albums! Emily Post created these albums afters years of experience working with Ettiquett and writing columns and blogs. She worked with M. Middleton, printing company to create and distribute this new line. The two Wedding Albums are entitles “Style” and “Grace”. We invite you to our store at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco to view them.

Emily Post Wedding Invitations “Style” for Stylish Wedding Invitations:


Emily Post Wedding Invitations “Style” at

Emily Post Wedding Invitations “Grace” for Graceful Wedding Invitations:


Emily Post Wedding Invitations “Grace” at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

Emily Post Wedding Invitations in Charcoal & Rose:


Emily Post Wedding Invitations in Charcoal and Rose

This example is a slender, European looking invitation in Charcoal and Rose.

Emily Post Wedding Invitations in Charcoal & Garnet with Ribbons:


Emily Post Wedding Invitations in Charcoal and Garnet by Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

This beautiful invite is layered with combination ribbons and lettering giving it a look of Royalty.

If you’d like to create your invitations with Style and Grace this would be a great Wedding Album to view and choose for your next event. Please check out our website for more Wedding Invitation examples. You can also order your wedding invitations ONLINE from our online site.


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