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place card calligraphy

Calligraphy for Wedding Place Cards & Wedding Table Cards from Hyegraph

Our recent Bride & Groom were married at the City View at the Metreon in San Francisco. We designed their Wedding Invitations, Wedding Envelope Addressing, Wedding Seating Charts and their Wedding Place Cards & Wedding Table Cards with our Digital Calligraphy seen below.

Silver and gold wedding place cards printed with calligraphy Table Number Card printed with calligraphy Calligraphy for table numer cards Silver and Gold Wedding Table Place Cards printed with calligraphy custom calligraphy for table number cards CALLIGRAPHY-PRINTED-WEDDING-TABLE-NUMBER-CARD CALLIGRAPHY-TABLE-NUMBER-CARDThe above Calligraphy for custom wedding place cards and custom wedding table cards are available to customize for your next event. Our bride and groom chose these gold and silver designed cards to complement their custom Wedding Invitations from William Arthur Stationery. You can see more of their wedding stationery on our wedding Blog.

Please Call, Email Or come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy in San Francisco, CA to customize your stationery.



Apple Calligraphy for Your Wedding/Event Place Cards ~ Custom Place Cards

Our bride wanted to have a fun theme for her wedding reception and she chose Apple Art for her table names and table place cards. We were able to design and print her wedding reception place cards and table cards with colorful apple icons, including red, blue, yellow and green.

An Apple for the Bride’s Guests:

Calligraphy with Green Apple Place Card Calligraphy printed Yellow Apple Place Card Digital Calligraphy Blue Apple Place Card Calligraphy with red apple for place card

Our bride’s wedding menu options were Fish, Red Meat, Chicken and Vegetarian. See above, Red Apple=Red Meat Entree Choice; Blue Apple=Fish Entree Choice; Yellow=Chicken Entree Choice; Green Apple= Vegetarian Entree Choice. We also designed and printed with computerized calligraphy our bride’s table names. Our bride also need her wedding invitation envelopes addressed with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy Service. You can see our font styles on our Envelope Addressing Section. 

Computerized/Digital Calligraphy:

Our bride chose Cedarville Cursive Font Style in black ink for her place card printing. The place cards include the apple icon, the guest name, and the table number. The color of the apple icon corresponds with the guest’s entree choice.

Price for printing Wedding/Event Place Cards:

$1.25 printing with apple art work.

$60 for 100 blank printable place cards.

Please Call, Email or come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy for custom work, printing, design or stationery.


Wedding Place Cards/Wedding Place Card Printing by Hyegraph San Francisco

Our most popular wedding place cards are ecru/ivory and white. Some styles are just plain, while other cards have beaded, embossed or debossed borders. Here is an example of a place card from our William Arthur Collection with beaded borders on white card stock. I used our Hyegraph Calligraphy to print the names of my bride & groom’s guest names for their upcoming wedding.

Wedding Place Card/Wedding Place Card Printing with Hyegraph Calligraphy:

wedding place cards

Mr. Marlone Brando printed place card by with Adobe Garamound Pro font style calligraphy

The above place card illustrates our William Arthur place card in white with beaded borders printed with Hyegraph’s Calligraphy in black ink using Adobe Garamound Pro font style. The Price is $50.00 for 100 William Arthur Place Cards. The Price for the calligraphy printing is $1.00 for black ink. I can also use colored ink to print your place card calligraphy. The price for colored ink is $1.25 per card.

If you live in the San Francisco area you can simply come in to our San Francisco Store to pick out your favorite font style. If you live out of the San Francisco area you can check out my calligraphy styles online and mail me your place cards if you already have them. Otherwise you can purchase your cards from us. I love to serve my clients both locally from San Francisco, San Jose and Napa and nationwide, from Boston, New Jersey, Washington, Florida and Texas. No matter where you are it’s easy to order your place cards for your next event. My clients love our calligraphy service for their weddings, galas, holiday parties or other events. Please call, email or stop by with inquiries. You can also check our Envelope Addressing Page for more font styles. You can see more place card examples on our Place Cards Category. Please see our Testimonials Page for my happy customers. Happy Planning, Jacques from Hyegraph


Pamela & Devin’s Bay Area Wedding Programs, Wedding Itinerary & Wedding place card calligraphy

Congratulations to Pamela & Devin our handsome Couple! We had the pleasure of working on Pamela & Devin’s wedding calligraphy. Our couple met at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island while attending Medical School. Here are their fun photos:


Pamela & Devin cutting their Wedding Cake photo courtesy of



The couple wrote an appreciative Thank You for their guests did the digital calligraphy. Photo courtesy of



Bride & Groom Place card calligraphy by ~ photo courtesy of


pamela_and_devin_wedding_program_hyegraph (1) created Devin & Pamela’s Wedding Programs in Mocha & Taupe ink with Thermography Printing photo courtesy of

We would like to thank our couple for sharing their photos and their special day with all of us. We wish you a bright future filled with good luck and happy days! Hyegraph


Place Card Calligraphy

Parties, Weddings, Fund Raisers, Galas and even intimate dinners all require proper place cards for your formal and informal guests. You wouldn’t want your guests burdened with the task of findimg a seat at a party, instead, they should have time to mingle with friends and acquaintances. Hence, the place card is a key component to planning a lavish or an intimate affaire. The place card has a functional role as well as a decorative one in a party/event setting. Here are some custom place cards we have worked on at Hyegraph. All of these custom place cards and the table card were printed by Jacques using the Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy. They were all created with a specific color and font style to reflect the particular event.

Table Card designed by Hyegraph and printed with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy:

Ferry Building Table Card with Curved Script Font Style Calligraphy

Ferry Building Table Card with Curved Script Font Style Calligraphy

The above Place Card reads “Ferry Building” made in two layers, white and yellow with Curved Script Font Style printed with Digital Calligraphy in black ink by Hyegraph.

Place Card from Charu Papers with Silkscreen Design printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

Place Card with Markham Font Style Digital Calligraphy

Place Card with Markham Font Style Digital Calligraphy

The above place card is from Charu Papers, the calligraphy is by Hyegraph in Markham Font Style in custom red ink color.

Custom Place Card with white and blue layers printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

PE Waterford Font Style Calligraphy

PE Waterford Font Style Calligraphy

PE Waterford font style digital calligraphy is used to print the above two colored place card with black ink.

Place Card from Envelopments printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

Hand Calligraphy Pro from Envelopments ~ Digital Calligraphy by Hyegraph

Hand Calligraphy Pro from Envelopments ~ Digital Calligraphy by Hyegraph

The above place card is from Envelopments custom made and printed in black ink using Hand Calligraphy pro style. See more styles of Hand Calligraphy Pro Style on our blog.

Custom Place Card designed and printed by Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

Bickham Font Style Calligraphy on custom place cards by Hyegraph

Bickham Font Style Calligraphy on custom place cards by Hyegraph

The above place card is in two layers custom made with open stock stationery by Hyegraph. The colors are orange and fuchsia printed with black ink in Bickham font style by Jacques with Digital Calligraphy. For more examples of our Bickham font style calligraphy see our blog.

Ferry Building Table Card and assorted place cards by Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy:

Table Card and Place Cards

Table Card and Place Cards

The above place card assortment and table card are light and airy perfect for spring and summer events. These vibrant fushsia and pink combinations and blues with white and gold and orange colors are decorative, engaging and most important add a flare to any event.

Have a fun affaire and add elegant charm with gold, white and tasteful place cards and table cards. Call us in San Francisco at 415-626-0461, or toll Free if you’re out of the San Francisco area at 866-626-0461.

For information on place calligraphy orders please see our calligraphy page. To see most of our font styles please go to our Envelope Addressing Page.

Happy Plannings from Hyegraph/Jacques


Wedding Menu Cards, Wedding Table Cards & Wedding Place Cards  for Napa Themed Weddings

For the Wedding of Kim & Rob, taking place in Rutherford, CA we created a Wedding Menu Card on ecru stock with gold and black ink and gold ribbon for embellishment. We also printed the matching table cards and place cards in rounded corner stock and black ink using our Digital Calligraphy.

Wedding Menu Card for Napa Themed Wedding with bow

Wedding Menu Card for Napa themed Weddings by

Wedding Table Place Card for Napa Weddings with Digital/Computer Calligraphy

Place Card wiith Calligraphy

Calligraphy for Wedding Table Place Card for Napa Weddings

These elegant Wedding Menus Cards and Wedding Place Cards make a great addition to the reception table where your wedding guests will read the evening’s menu and seating location in style!

For more Wedding Menus and Wedding Place cards check out our Website and Menu and Place Card Categories. You can always see new Wedding and Calligraphy ideas on our Wedding Blog. Please call, email or come in so we can help you with your menu and calligraphy printing. For elegant Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards, please see our Wedding Invitations Page. Sincerely, Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy/San Francisco


Calligraphy Envelopes|Wedding Envelope Calligraphy|Envelope Calligraphy|Holiday Envelope Calligraphy

Send out your invitations, wedding invitations, save the dates and Holiday Cards in style with Hyegraph’s Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing! Whether it’s for a corporate event or a private one, Hyegraph can put the personal touch on your addressing with beautiful Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing, Place Cards, Table Names, Table Numbers and Menus.

Envelope Calligraphy

 Envelope Calligraphy at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

At Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy we love working on Calligraphy orders and our clients love their finished Envelopes! Jacques has been helping clients with their Wedding Calligraphy, Envelope Calligraphy and Holiday Calligraphy for the past two decades. Now with the age of the internet, in addition to serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area we’re also happy to serve our clients with their calligraphy needs nationwide. So if you’re in the East Coast, i.e. Boston, New York, Washington or West Coast, Los Angeles to Beverly Hills or Seattle, we’re at your service with one simple email or phone call.

Simply email us your guest list and Jacques will address your envelopes with Digital Calligraphy. We can also add your Return Address on the Envelope.

Wedding Calligraphy

Weddings are a stressful time for Bride and Grooms and Families alike. Let Hyegraph help you with your Wedding Calligraphy! Just send or drop off your Wedding Envelopes to our San Francisco address and email us your Guest List. We’ll take care of your Envelope Calligraphy in 1 to 2 days.

Wedding Place Card Calligraphy and Wedding Menu Calligraphy

Let Hyegraph put the personal touch on your Place Cards and Menus with our elegant Calligraphy. Pick your favorite font style from our Calligraphy page or our San Francisco Store Calligraphy selection and we’ll add your guest names to your place cards and create elegant Menus for your reception. You  can bring in your own place cards or pick out your favorite styles from our store selections.

Holiday Calligraphy

Holidays are a wonderful time for parties and celebrations. Let Hyegraph help with your Envelope Addressing for your Holiday Card Envelopes. Simply provide us your addresses and envelopes we will use our Digital Calligraphy to add the personal touch on your Holiday Envelopes.

Holiday Place Cards & Holiday Menus

Once you set the date for your Holiday event, whether it’s a Holiday Party, Private Dinner or Function let us add the details to your Holiday Place cards and create extraordinary Menus for your event with our Holiday Calligraphy.


Calligraphy Envelopes are $1 per Envelope

Calligraphy Menus are $2 for single later and $3 for double layer

Calligraphy Place Cards $1.50-$2.50 depending on layers.

For more information on placing Calligraphy orders please see our Calligraphy Page or call or email us at or 415-626-0461. Sincerely, Jacques/Hyegraph


Calligraphy for Place Cards

Brides, planners and professionals are picking up their place cards also called table cards or seating cards for upcoming weddings, conferences and events. Our clients love our digital calligraphy for place cards. We serve our local San Francisco and Embarcadero area clients as well as clients from surrounding cities and nationwide including Napa, Carmel, Southern California, New York, Boston, Atlanta and Seattle, Washington.

Our clients are excited to pick up their personalized place cards with digital calligraphy also known as machine or computer calligraphy for their upcoming events. They are done within 2-3 days with professional results, elegant digital calligraphy and affordable prices. We enjoy meeting our clients or shipping their place cards to their destination.

Here is an example of Place Cards with Digital Calligraphy/Computer Calligraphy:

Calligraphy place cards bickham hyegraph san francisco

Font Style Bickham

 The above Font Style, Bickham is one of my favorite font styles for place cards and other stationery. The ink color used on this place card is brown and the card stock is ecru.

For more font styles, pricing and Ordering Instructions please see our Calligraphy Page. I can personalize your place cards with elegant Digital Calligraphy in 2 days. Simply pick out your favorite place card style from our place card category or mail me your favorite place cards to our Embarcadero Store, and email me your guest names. Prices for Place Card calligraphy is $1 for Black Ink and $1.25 for colored ink. Please call or email me with any questions. Don’t forget to see our Happy Customers on our Testimonials Page.

Please ask about any custom place cards with layering and designs. We also provide an Envelope Addressing Service and Stuffing & Mailing Service. I Congratulate  you on your upcoming event and hope to be part of your event planning process. Jacques Oskanian/Hyegraph

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Place Cards with jungle theme printed with Digital Calligraphy

Here is an example of a place card with jungle theme we printed using Digital Calligraphy for a little boy’s birthday party.

place card with jungle theme printed with digital calligraphy

This example illustrated a birthday party place card with a jungle theme, two layered stock. This is a custom order please inquire for pricing and ordering. You can also check out our Place Card and Place Card Calligraphy categories.


Place Card Printed with Digital Calligraphy

We print many place cards using our Digital Calligraphy. Clients love this Calligraphy service we provide for place cards. You can purchase your place cards from us at Hyegraph Embarcadero in San Francisco or bring in your own. Either way we can print your place cards with Elegant Digital Calligraphy for $1.00 a card!

Place Card printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy

The above place card is two layers, the purchase price is $2.50 with Digital Calligraphy Printing or $1.50 without printing. We have other place card choices. Please see our Place Cards Category and Place Cards Calligraphy or come in to our store to see more place card examples.


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