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Masquerade Mask Invitation for Boston Properties “Venetian Ball” at SF City Hall

This year Boston Properties, located at the Embarcadero Center, Financial District in San Francisco decided to throw a “Venetian Ball” themed party for their guests at the City Hall in San Francisco. They came in to work on a Masquerade Mask Custom Invitation for their event. Below is the custom invitation.

venetian ball invitation masquerade_venetian_custom_invitation_hyegraph_san_francisco masquerade_mask_venitian_custom_invitation_open_view_hyegraph_san_francisco venetian_ball_custom_invitation_charu_hyegraph venetian_mask_invitation_envelope_charu_papers_hyegraph envelope_masquerade_motif_hyegraph_san_franciscoWe used Charu Papers to design this custom Venetian Ball Invitation. The fonts and designs are in gold color. The design is laser cut. The Envelopes have matching masquerade masks printed with thermography. The invitation itself is two layered with a gold shimmer backing and a cream front. The invitation reads:

Boston Properties

cordially invites you and a guest to the

“Venetian Ball”

Black Tie Dinner


City Hall

…San Francisco, California

This luxurious invitation can be used for a Holiday Party, Wedding, Masquerade Ball and the like. The laser cut design adds a delicate intricacy and intrigue leaving guests to anticipate an exiting evening in the city. Please see our website for more designs or come in to Hyegraph Embarcadero in San Francisco located in the Financial District at the Embarcadero Center. We’re sure this event will be a hit at the SF City Hall!

You can also see scroll invitations at our scroll invitation section.



Jazz Party Invitations from Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

These Jazz Invitations from Arlene Segal make a sparkly impression with Jazz aficionados and non jazz fans as well, the musicians are in movement and into the groove on these custom gold invites. There’s the saxophone player, the piano player all in music harmony in black, printed on white linen paper surrounded with gold shimmery stars and framed in a glossy black frame.

Custom Jazz Invitations from Arlene Segal at Hyegraph Embarcadero SF:

jazz_band_custom_party_invitation_arlene_segal_hyegraph_embarcadero_financial-distirct_san-francisco jazz band party invitations jazz_note_custom_invitation_arlene_segal_hyegraph_invitations-embarcadero_finanacial_district_san_franciscoThe above invitations are from our Arlene Segal Design Line. The price for the invites is custom, please call us if you’re interested in personalizing for your event! You can see more from our Arlene Segal Line and see more invitation selection on our Stationery Section, or check our ONLINE site for more selections and ordering. You can see are Party Invitations in our store located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California. schedule-appt2Please Make An Appointment! Looking forward to meeting with you, Hyegraph


Luxury/Couture Wedding Invitations by Natural Impression Designs at Hyegraph San Francisco

 I recently designed and personalized the wedding invitation for my client’s wedding right in San Francisco. My couple chose this Luxury Wedding Invite from Natural Impression Design that has a brooch invitation jewel attached to the satin ribbon. Another special feature of the wedding invite is the glitter thermography printing. This adds a little bit of shine and glitz making a glamorous invitation setting the tone to a glitzy event.

Wedding Invitation with Brooch from Natural Impression Design at Hyegraph Invitations:

Wedding Invitation with Brooch

Wedding Invitation with Brooch

Wedding Invitation with Glitter Thermography from Natural Impression Design at Hyegraph:

Wedding Invitation with Glitter Thermography

Wedding Invitation with Glitter Thermography

These are some fun ideas on how to glitz and glam your party or wedding invitation. Add a touch of glitter printing, a pretty classy bow and a shiny rhinestone brooch. You can see more Luxury Wedding Invitations from Natural Impressions on our Natural Impressions Page. To complete the invitation, add elegant calligraphy to your invitation envelopes. Please Call, Email or come in to Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA. Congratulations and Happy Planning/Hyegraph


Wedding Invitations with satin bow from Checkerboard at Hyegraph San Francisco, CA

I love working with my clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area. This wedding invitation is for my clients getting married in San Diego, California. But I serve clients from Napa, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, Boston, New Jersey, Texas and Washington, D.C. So it’s easy to simply pick your favorite wedding or party invitation, email me your personalized wording and I’ll take care of the rest. Most orders will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. Letterpress invitations take 3-4 weeks to process and ship so please be aware of this extended processing time.

Here is an example of an elegant Black Tie Wedding Invitation with Satin Bow from Checkerboard:

Wedding Invitation with Satin Bow

Satin Bow Invitation from Checkerboard at

The above wedding invitation is customized for my clients Janelle & Ryan for their recent wedding in San Diego, California. The design is a classic from Checkerboard Invitations from their A Marry Occasion Wedding Album. The design is named Valencia, the price is $422 for 25 invitations. The font style combination is Garamond & Bickham Font Style in Black ink. The bow color is ecru and the second card layer is also in black. We also did this wedding invitation in Teal for a Hawaiian Wedding.

Once you have ordered your wedding invitations don’t forget to order your Calligraphy Service for your envelope addressing from Hyegraph. Simply EMAIL ME your Guest List, pick out your favorite Font Style and mail or drop off your Wedding Envelopes to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

3 Embarcadero Center, Suite 3117

San Francisco, CA 94111

I will have your addressed envelopes ready to be picked up in 1 to 2 business days. Or I can mail them to your to your home or business address. For more on Calligraphy, please see our Calligraphy Page. Please see our Happy Customers on our Testimonials Page. Happy Planning, Jacques/Hyegraph


Bat Mitzvah Invitation in Envelofold from Hyegraph San Francisco

Bat Mirzvah’s are a special time for young girls and their families. This is a big occasion in the Jewish culture and is celebrated in a big way. It’s like a mini wedding with all the preparations including the perfect invitations. The parents, mainly the moms come in with their daughters to pick out the right design that is best suited for the theme. In this case our family chose this Exquisite invite form Lemon Tree Stationery with high end stock.

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Envelofold Style from Lemon Tree Stationery by Hyegraph

Envelofold Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Envelofold by

Our clients also included the response card for their guests with little icons next to each response choice, including the star of David(We will attend the service and luncheon), a camera icon(We will attend the party, see you on the red carpet), and the Eifel tower(Sorry, we are going to be in Paris for Fashion Week). These are fun ways to offer choices for the guests when responding to the rsvp.

Another special feature of this custom bat mitzvah invitation from Lemon Tree Stationery is that it doesn’t require a mailing envelope. All the invitation inserts are tucked in neatly in this envelofold. Our client had our hand calligrapher hand address the invitation and mailed it out, nice and simple. That’s the nice feature of the Envelofold, it incorporates the idea of a pocket invitation but it’s one big pocket instead of little pockets.

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording:

Bat Mitzvah Invitation wording

We Invite You to Share This Special Day With our Daughter invitation wording

 The wording above conveys the pride and honor the family feel for this special occasion as they invite their daughter to the Torah and celebrate with friends and family. Congratulations to our clients as they share a milestone for their daughter in a rite of passage.

Please come in, call or email me to see our custom Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations and all our other stationery we offer at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy. See our Calligraphy Section for fonts and styles. We are here to make sure we create exceptional invitations together. Jacques/Hyegraph


THE WORLD IS LISTENING: Campaign for the SFJAZZ Center Cocktail Reception Invitations

Are You Listening to Jazz or other Music? The SF JAZZ Center is the first of its kind, in the United States, built by award winning architect Mark Cavagnero. It features a transparent exterior, auditorium seating and located right besides the Opera House and SF Symphony for community enrichment. Jazz is America’s contribution to music, according to popular consensus and this facility is the first of its kind to promote education, performances  and cum laudery for jazz lovers in one place. We designed SF Jazz’s

SF JAZZ Cocktail Reception Invitation by Hyegraph SF:

SFJAZZ Center Cocktail Reception Invitations

THE WORLD IS LISTENING Campaign for the SFJAZZ Center ~ reception invitations by

The World Is Listening Campaign was launched by SFJAZZ to raise funds and awareness for the SFJAZZ Center. The grand opening was in January 2013. We were asked to create Cocktail Reception invitations for the SF JAZZ Center given by it’s Board of Trustees celebrating “season 2 and learn more about The World is Listening campaign” The evening will include performances by Terence Blanchard with Ravi Coltrane and Lionel Loueke on September 7th, 2013.  Jacques personally addressed the SF JAZZ invitation envelopes using his elegant digital calligraphy with their selection of calligraphy font style.

SF JAZZ CENTER photo courtesy of Mark Cavagnero Associates SF JAZZ

SF JAZZ CENTER photo courtesy of Mark Cavagnero Associates SF JAZZ

“For musicians, our job is to create community.” Wynton Marsalis, Trumpet ( The new SFJAZZ Center is located on 201 Franklin Street, 35,000 square foot structure and LEED Certified, which means the building is green according to government standards.

San Francisco Jazz Festival

San Francisco Jazz Festival

The SFJAZZ also is in charge of the San Francisco Jazz Festival. To see their upcoming shows and schedule please see their site at: To design an elegant party invitation for your next event or gala, simply Call, Email or Come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111. Please see our Testimonials Page for Satisfied customers. You can check out more of our designs on

See you at the SF Jazz concerts! Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy


The Great Gatsby: The book, the movie and the invitation

The Great Gatsby, one of the top American Novels written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald and included in High School curriculum after World War II is now a popular movie: “The Great Gatsby”, starring the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio. So now we have the Gatsby Style Invitations from our Arabella Designers. The gold luminous ink adorns the chocolate mocha invitation with die-cut designs that embellish the outside borders with thick brushed gold. What’s more is the back of the invitation is layered with metallic gold shell designs surrounding a custom “Gatsby” monogram. This is sure to please an opulent party giver or planner. You can add all the glitter, lighting, candles and shine to your party and send out this pleasing party invitation to suit the theme. Whether for a party or wedding this invitation will be glamorous and chick!

The Great Gatsby Themed Party Invitation from Arabella Papers at Hyegraph San Francisco:

Great Gatsby Invitations

Gatsby Style Invitations designed by our Arabella Designers available at

The Price for Great Gatsby Invitations including the Gatsby Invitations, The Gatsby Invitation Envelopes, the Gatsby themed wallpaper on the back of the invitation, and the Gatsby Envelope Lining for 25 Invitations is $790; for 50 Invitations is $870; for 75 Invitations is $952; for 100 Invitations is $1, 034. Please Contact Us for Ordering or for Personalization.

The Great Gatsby Book Cover:


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald capturing the 1920s Party Lifestyle in Long Island.

The Great Gatsby Movie Design:

Gatsby movie design

The Great Gatsby Movie Design

To create a unique Gatsby Style Invitation for a Fun Party see our website at or come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco! You can call or email me with any design ideas. Don’t forget to get your invitation envelopes addressed with our Digital Calligraphy. See our happy customers on our Testimonials Page. Happy Planning, Jacques/Hyegraph


San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center Holiday Cards for Building Lighting Ceremony

We just finished San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s Holiday Invitations for their 26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony in San Francisco. This event is by “invitation only” taking place at the Holiday Ice Rink at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA presented by Hawaiian Airlines. Here is the Card:

Holiday Cards for Embarcadero Center in San Francisco

San Francisco Embarcadero Center Holiday Photo Card

 The above Holiday Card is in three layers. The photo of the San Francisco Embarcadero Center is layered on top of white stock stationery then added onto a third layer of silver shimmer stock. The layered card is then affixed onto the pocket sleeve to accomplish the finished Holiday Card Look.

You’re Invited Pocket Holiday Card

Holiday Pocket Invitation Card

“You’re Invited” Holiday Pocket Invitation Card

The above “You’re Invited” Holiday Card Sleeve is in “sky blue”. The tab affixed on top of the card is in two layers–white stock and silver shimmer stock inscribed with the words “You’re invited”.

Holiday Card

Holiday Card for Embarcadero Center

San Francisco Embarcadero Center “26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony” Card

The above Holiday Invitation Card is the actual Invitation to the event. The card is two layers–white stock on top of silver shimmer stock. The card is then inserted into the pocket sleeve in the previous example. The text of the invitation is in three different ink colors: blue, black and silver. The logo for the Hawaiian Airlines is multi-colored. This is an example of a custom holiday card. The finished look is high-end, rich with fine stationery and stylish!

To see the San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s 25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Invitation Card please go to

Happy Holidays! Hyegraph

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