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Anna Griffin Christmas/Holiday Party Invitations at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Anna Griffin’s Christmas Party Invitations at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA are like cut out lace, very ornate, colorful and something different than our Classic Crane & CO., Vera Wang, William Arthur or Checkerboard brands. These cards are more frilly and fancy for those hosts with an extra flair for color and vibrancy. These die cut Christmas Party Invites will truly impress your friends & work colleagues alike.

Anna Griffin DIE CUT Christmas/Holiday Party Invitations

Christmas/Holiday Party Invitations form Anna GriffinThe above Anna Griffin Christmas Party Invitation & Deck the Halls Invitation are examples of die-cut invitations. The Green die cut invitation illustrates holly cut outs and the Red die cut invitation illustrates another fun holiday motif cut out. Each card is embellished with green and gold bordered printed invitations affixed on top of the die cut design. Here is the wording for the Red Christmas Party Invite:

’tis the Season






Your card sets the mood for your holiday party! This card design and wording creates a warm yet fancy invite to gather and enjoy the season with close friends. The price for the Anna Griffin Die Cut Holiday Invites is $6.90 each or $207 for 30 cards. These cards are available to purchase from our store Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111. Please come in, call  or email us for a quote and see these lovely cards in person. We’re here to help you with the design and printing of your holiday invitations. You can see more of our Anna Griffin Die Cut Holiday Invitation and Holiday Cards on our Holiday Card Website. Happy Holidays, Hyegraph!

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Anna Griffin Holiday Invitations at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Anna Griffin’s intricate designs put her in a different category of card and invitation design. Her colorful flair and playful designs have a following nationwide. Anna Griffin, Inc. is located in Atlanta, Georgia. She launched her stationery business in 1994 and since then expanded to textiles, DIY scrap booking and other mediums. Her products have a strong following on HSN and major retailers across the country. At Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA we carry Anna Griffin Imprintables, Wedding Invitations & her Holiday Invitation & Announcement Line.

Anna Griffin Holiday Die Cut Invitation: Holiday Cookie Swap with Candy Canes

Holiday Die Cut Invitations from Anna GriffinThe above holiday invitation is die cut with a printed insert. The card is bordered with a fun holiday motif and two extravagant candy canes with snowy bow and holly. The price for each card is $6.15 retail or $184.50 for 30 cards. The above invite reads:

it’s a





This is a really fun and casual invite for a friends party at your home but still done in a tasteful way for a holiday gathering!

You can order any of Anna Griffin’s Holiday or Wedding Invitations from our store Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA 94111. Please Call Us at 415-626-0461 to make an appointment, Email Us at or come in to see our selections in person. You can see more of our Holiday Card Selections on our Holiday Page. Happy Holidays from Hyegraph

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Home Sweet Home Holiday Card Promotion from Checkerboard ~ 10% OFF

These whimsical Holiday Cards from our Checkerboard Line are on sale for 10% off when you place your order at Hyegraph by 11/24/14! Please see our other fun Holiday Cards for your personal list and your business/corporate list as well!

Gingerbread Cookie Cutter holiday cards

“Home Sweet Home” Cookie Cutter Holiday Cards with Gingerbread Cookie Recipe from

The above gingerbread cookie cutter card is printed in matte silver ink on brown card stock, with your personalized message and signature. The Gingerbread Cookie Recipe is included and everything comes assembled including the silver satin bow. The card is enclosed in a pillow pack envelope for safe travels. Your return address is printed in Cherry Red Ink on white labels. Extra postage is required at the Post Office.

The Price for the above Gingerbread Card for a quantity of 100 is $538.20 at 10% off of original prices. The return address printed on the envelope flap is $54.00 for a quantity of 100 again at 10% off of original prices. The size of the card is 7 3/4 x 5 1/4.

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Card:

gingerbread cookie recipe card

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Card:

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Card

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe from Checkerboard Designs at

HOME SWEET HOME Return Address Printed Label:

Home Sweet Home Cherry Ink Address Label

Home Sweet Home Address Label Printed in Cherry Ink by CHECKERBOARD DESIGNS FROM WWW.HYEGRAPH.COM

All of the above designs are available at our store at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111. You can also order them ONLINE! Happy Holidays


Engraved Nutcracker Holiday Cards, Engraved Christmas Tree Holiday Cards from Crane & CO. at Hyegraph San Francisco

It’s beautiful displaying our seasonal hand engraved Holiday Cards from Crane & Co. at our store at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, Ca. Crane & Co.’s  pretty reds, and opulent golds cannot be replaced with any other designs or colors. It’s rich, classic and traditional. There is something magnificent when you touch the engraved card and your fingers and eyes see the textures and inks on the crane design. Your senses a happy and you’re taken back to a snow fallen road when you were a kid walking on a winter day next to your dad and couldn’t wait to get home where your mom would be making something warm and would comfort you on arrival. That’s what it feels like to touch a Crane & CO. Holiday Card like the Nutcracker, or the Christmas Tree. You know you’re face to face with your history.

Engraved Nutcracker Holiday Card with Metallic Gold from Crane & Co. Hyegraph SF

Nutcracker Engraved Christmas Card

Nutcracker Engraved Holiday Card from Crane & CO. at

Here’s another example of the distinguished Nutcracker from Crane & Co.

Nutcracker Soldier

Nutcracker Soldier in Blue & Red

Our distinguished Nutcracker Soldier stands so erect ready for action, still he carries a mild mannered smile. He must be guarding something or someone special or maybe it’s Christmas Eve and that could be why he has a tender look on his wooded face.

Engraved Christmas Tree Card from Crane & Co. at Hyegraph 3 Embarcadero Center SF

Christmas Tree Holiday Card

Christmas Tree Engraved Holiday Card from Crane & Co. at Hyegraph Embarcdero Center

A Christmas Tree is symbolic of Christmas, maybe not the Holiday Season but for sure Christmas when Christ was born. This is why we walk around town and go online to find a special gift for the special people in our lives. Otherwise we would simply be robots without souls or feelings or emotions unattached to our surroundings and the people in it. We are lucky to put up a tree in our home, whether a real one or a pretend one and direct our wishes and hopes to the tree. It’s nice to see the lights in the tree, the lights of hope and of all possibilities. Why are we here if only to make a living and sustain ourselves if not to laugh, and cry and dream and hug and dance and play. Christmas reminds of us everything that matters, safety, home, nutrition and our families who  do all that. They keep us safe, they feed us and love us. Thank You Jesus for saving us so that we may endure and love.

You can see more of our Holiday Designs Category, Embarcadero Center Holiday Cards and San Francisco City Scene Holiday Cards on our Website. You can also see more Holiday Cards in our Store or ONLINE. HAPPY HOLIDAYS/HYEGRAPH


San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center Holiday Cards for Building Lighting Ceremony

We just finished San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s Holiday Invitations for their 26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony in San Francisco. This event is by “invitation only” taking place at the Holiday Ice Rink at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA presented by Hawaiian Airlines. Here is the Card:

Holiday Cards for Embarcadero Center in San Francisco

San Francisco Embarcadero Center Holiday Photo Card

 The above Holiday Card is in three layers. The photo of the San Francisco Embarcadero Center is layered on top of white stock stationery then added onto a third layer of silver shimmer stock. The layered card is then affixed onto the pocket sleeve to accomplish the finished Holiday Card Look.

You’re Invited Pocket Holiday Card

Holiday Pocket Invitation Card

“You’re Invited” Holiday Pocket Invitation Card

The above “You’re Invited” Holiday Card Sleeve is in “sky blue”. The tab affixed on top of the card is in two layers–white stock and silver shimmer stock inscribed with the words “You’re invited”.

Holiday Card

Holiday Card for Embarcadero Center

San Francisco Embarcadero Center “26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony” Card

The above Holiday Invitation Card is the actual Invitation to the event. The card is two layers–white stock on top of silver shimmer stock. The card is then inserted into the pocket sleeve in the previous example. The text of the invitation is in three different ink colors: blue, black and silver. The logo for the Hawaiian Airlines is multi-colored. This is an example of a custom holiday card. The finished look is high-end, rich with fine stationery and stylish!

To see the San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s 25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Invitation Card please go to

Happy Holidays! Hyegraph

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Holiday Cards, Holiday Photo Cards and Holiday Invitations at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

San Francisco Holiday Cards at Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco

Shop Our Holiday Card Collection Online or come in to our store to create Custom Holiday Cards and Invitations. Choose from High End Stationery and Creative Designs! Our beautiful cards are from designers who work for top stationery companies like Arabella, Crane, William Arthur, Vera Wang and Checkerboard. We have thousands of designs to choose from in our San Francisco store and online. Don’t forget to check out our Special Holiday Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing for your address list.



eInvite Holiday Card Selections

We’ve partnered with eInvite for Holiday Cards, Holiday Photo Cards and Holiday Invitations. You can view and Shop Online from many designer Holiday Cards we carry in our store:

eInvite Holiday website partnering with Hyegraph

Shop Online on our eInvite site

You can view and Shop Online on our eInvite site which carries many of the classic, traditional and whimsical holiday card designs. You can plan for your personal holiday card list with holiday photo cards and also plan for your business holiday cards. The holidays won’t be complete without your personalized holiday card list.

Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Cards

These colorful photo cards carry the spirit of the holidays with a message of Love, Joy and Hope. You can personalize these cards with your photos and add a personal message to your friends and family.

Business Holiday Invitations

Holiday Business Cards

Holiday Business Cards

These Red “You’re Invited” Business Holiday Cards are a great way to celebrate the holidays with a vibrant color to set the mood! Start early, gather your mailing list, your photos or your event date and start shopping!


Shop Online for Holiday Cards from Birchcraft

We carry the Best Collection of Holiday Cards on the web on our Holiday Card Website. Our selection includes Holiday Cards, Holiday Photo Cards and Holiday Invitations from Birchcraft. You can choose personal Holiday Cards or Business Holiday Cards:

Holiday Card Website

Holiday Card Website

This selection is fun, versatile and easy to order. Simply click on our Holiday Card Website, pick the design you like, personalize and pick the quantity and order. We also have great Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards and Thank You cards on our Holiday Card Website. We bring all the fun designs to you in this colorful and easy to use website.


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