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Envelope Addressing with Thermography Printing by Charu Papers

Envelope Addressing is an essential part of sending out your invitations. The return address on the flap of the envelope is crucial because not only does it specify who the mail is from it can also act as a safety precaution in case your invitation or card doesn’t make it to the correct address. Then your mail will be sent back to you. Here is an example of envelope addressing with thermography printing using Charu Papers for Boston Properties “Venetian Ball”.

digital calligraphy for envelopes

Envelope Addressing with Thermograhy Printing

boston_properties_digital_calligraphy_return_address_on_the_flap embarcadero_center_san_francisco_envelope_addressing_hyegraphThis gorgeous gold thermography printing is stunning on these gold shimmer envelopes for Boston Properties “Venetian Ball” event.

The Return Addressing Reads:

            Boston Properties
    Four Embarcadero Center
       Lobby Level, Suite One
San Francisco, California 94111

You can see more on the Venetian Ball Invites on our Hyegraph Blog. We also designed and printed the escort cards and menus.

Please see our happy customers on our Testimonials Page, Yelp and Google. You can see our Invitations and Calligraphy page for more styles!



The Only Exception Calligraphy Envelope Addressing for Elegant Envelopes

The Only Exception Calligraphy is an interesting name to a nice font style used for semi formal and formal events such as weddings, galas and other functions like birthdays and such. Here is an example in black ink printed on a cream envelope.

Envelope Addressing using Digital Calligraphy in “The Only Exception” Font Style:

Digital Calligraphy for Elegant Envelope Addressing

The above envelope calligraphy illustrates “The Only Exception” calligraphy font style used to address wedding envelopes for our San Francisco Bride & Groom. Black ink is used on a cream envelope, the same font style was used on the return address on the flap for return address printing. Our wedding couple’s guests were both local to the Bay Area as well as throughout California and nationwide including Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara and Sacramento.

We can use our Digital Calligraphy to address wedding envelopes as well as invitation envelopes for any occasions. We accept clients nationwide and have used our Calligraphy Service for Envelope Addressing and shipped to New York, New Jersey, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Texas, Florida and Hawaii.

Please inquire for your addressing. Our prices are $1.00 for digital calligraphy and $.50 cents for inner envelope and return address printed on the envelopes for Black Ink. Colored ink is $.25 cents more per envelope. Please let us know for any custom calligraphy including certificates, wine bottle labels or other work.

Please see our Calligraphy Page and Envelope Addressing Page for more Calligraphy Font Style. Please see our Wedding Invitations and Holiday Cards Categories to pick the right invites for your next event. Please contact us at 415-626-0461 for price quotes in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re out of the San Francisco Area please call toll free at 866-626-0461. You can drop off or mail us your envelopes to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy
3 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94111
Attention: Jacques

Here is my business card with mailing and contact information:

Business card for Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

You can cont on us to take care of your envelopes and provide your with Professional Customer Service. We have been addressing our clients’ envelopes and stationery for over 26 years. Please see our Satisfied Customers on our Testimonials Page! You can also shop online for more stationery selections!


Jacques/ Hyegraph San Francisco

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Calligraphy for Wedding/Envelope Addressing Edwardian Font Style Custom Ink

When you’re ordering your wedding/event invitations you can also order your wedding/event calligraphy. This is a great service because it saves time, is cost efficient and looks elegant. Here is an example of a Wedding/Event Calligraphy printed with Digital Calligraphy in Edwardian Font Style in custom ink for our bride and groom’s upcoming wedding invitations. Our bride & groom, Lisa & John, after choosing their wedding invitation sets added computerized calligraphy for their envelope guest addressing.

Wedding/Event Calligraphy for Invitation Envelope Addressing:

digital calligraphy for guest addressing

The above example of a Wedding Invitation Envelope Addressing illustrates Digital Calligraphy/Machine Calligraphy printed envelopes in Edwardian Font Style in a Custom Ink Color chosen by our Bride & Groom. The Address reads, “please deliver to”:

The Price for the Calligraphy Service is $1.00 for Black Ink, $1.50 for colored or custom ink. Return Address printed on the Envelope Flap is $0.50, inner envelope printed with guests names is also $0.50. For more font styles and prices please see our Calligraphy Page or our Envelope Addressing Page!

Please see our Wedding Invitation samples, Scroll Wedding Invitations and Custom Holiday Cards. Don’t forget to check out our Hyegraph Blog for custom invitation examples and fresh ideas!


Calligraphy: Return Address Printed on the Envelope Flap

calligraphy return address calligraphyThis beautiful return address printing was done for our client’s Italian Wedding Invitations! We also addressed the Wedding Envelopes with the Guest Addresses, the Wedding Menu Cards, Wedding Table Cards, Wedding Itinerary, and the Wedding Program/Jewish Wedding Traditions! Congratulations from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy!


A Wedding Invitation addressed to the President by Hyegraph San Franciso

So did you think you’re not important? You can send a Wedding Invitation to the President too. Some of our couples have the President added to their guest list. Jacques says about 15 to 20 percent of our Hyegraph couples do add the President or another famous person like Oprah Winfrey and the Queen to their wedding guest list. Munnie, Hyegraph designer says our brides comment, “don’t laugh, but I’m sending an invitation to the president too”. She says they have a sense of humor about it and like the anticipation of receiving a response from him.

An Invitation Addressed to the President of the United States:

an invitation to the president

Wedding Invitation Addressed to the President, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., Washington District of Columbia 20500

The above invitation addressing was done by Jacques using Hand Calligraphy Pro I in black ink printed on Kraft style Wedding Envelopes for our Hyegraph Bride & Groom.  If you’d like to include the President on your guest list, simply add his address to your list and give it to your calligrapher. If you’d like Jacques to address your wedding invitations with Hyegraph Calligraphy, simply email your guest list to  Here is the President’s mailing address:

The President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington District of Columbia


Here is an example of a wedding invitation addressing to President Obama:

Inviting President Obama

Addressing the Envelope Inviting President Barack Obama font style Markham, black ink

Example of Envelope Addressing Calligraphy Inviting Oprah Winfrey to the Wedding:

inviting Oprah Winfrey to the wedding

Addressing for Oprah Winfrey inviting to the wedding font style Markham, black ink

According to the Knot,  “You will receive a pre-printed card with the signatures of the President and First Lady — which makes a wonderful keepsake.” Erica Lovley reported on this increasingly popular wedding trend in Politico. Here is the video talking more about this topic in depth: http://.


Combination Lettering used in Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing by Jacques

Here is a an example of a combination lettering consisting of Script and Block font styles used to address the envelope. This example illustrates black ink with script font style and block font style to create a unique look on the addressing for the invitation. The below addressing style can be used to address the invitation envelopes as well as the response card envelopes. Whether you live right in San Francisco or in surrounding towns like San Mateo, Oakland, Napa, Carmel or if you’re in Southern California: in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, we’re happy to help you with your envelope addressing needs. I also help clients with their calligraphy service out of state from Seattle, Texas and the East Coast: Boston, Cambridge, New York, Florida and Washington.

I use Digital Calligraphy also referred to as Machine or Computerized Calligraphy to deliver speedy and affordable service with brilliant results to my wedding clients, party planners and business professionals.

Below is an example of an elegant calligraphy sample for Envelope Addressing using Digital/Computer Calligraphy.

Envelope Addressing using combination lettering calligraphy

Combination Lettering Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing

The above example of calligraphy used for envelope addressing uses a combination of Script and Block lettering. To place orders for Calligraphy simply email or drop off your guest list to our store located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California. Prices are $1.00 for Black Ink and $1.25 for colored ink. Simply choose your favorite font style from our Calligraphy or Digital Calligraphy pages and use our Calligraphy Form our your own excel sheet to enter the names and addresses of your guests. Please call me at 415.626.0461 or Toll Free at 866.626.0461 with any questions. I can also match most font styles so please email me your font style and I will match it to your envelopes. Please see our Testimonials Page for our Happy Customers!

Stuffing, Sealing and Mailing Service:

We also provide a Stuffing, Sealing and Mailing Service for your envelopes if you’re in a crunch for time. Our Stuffing, Sealing Mailing Service includes: Stuffing your Invitations, response card with envelopes in the Invitation Envelopes, Sealing the Envelopes, Affixing the stamps on the envelopes (stamps not included) and delivering your stuffed, sealed and stamped envelopes to the mail house where your invitations will be distributed to your guests. Prices are $.75 per invitation set. For more information on our stuffing/mailing service see our Calligraphy Page. Congratulations & Happy Planning! Jacques/Hyegraph


San Francisco Calligraphy Addressing Services, Envelopes, Wedding, Addressing Invitations San Francisco

At Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy, we use a Computerized Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes. This is a more affordable alternative to hand calligraphy with faster turn-around-time. We get great results and hundreds of satisfied wedding clients, planners and corporate companies. We work closely with our Wedding Couples for an elegant Wedding Envelope Calligraphy. Our Wedding Calligraphy compliments the Wedding Invitation font style and Wedding Envelope Addressing. Our Wedding Printing Service is set up for fast, efficient and beautiful hand lettered look with printed calligraphy. 

Here is an example of a Calligraphy we provided for Addressing Envelope Calligraphy:

Hyegraph Calligraphy envelope addressing service

Wedding Invitation Envelope Addressing Calligraphy available in San Francisco and nationwide for fast, affordable calligraphy service.

The above Calligraphy Envelope Sample, illustrates our “Script” Calligraphy Font printed on elegant Wedding Envelopes resulting in a beautiful, hand-lettered look. We use this computer calligraphy for invitation addressing on a regular basis not only for our Wedding Calligraphy Services but also for our Party Planners for their Corporate Envelope Addressing and for Business Envelope Addressing. Our clients are satisfied and send out their invitations in style with our Invitation Addressing Service. To see more Calligraphy and Invitation Styles please see out Blog. To see more calligraphy envelope addressing see our Calligraphy Page and Envelope Addressing Page. To see our Satisfied Clients please see our Testimonials Page. Please contact us with any inquiries!


Calligraphy Envelopes|Wedding Envelope Calligraphy|Envelope Calligraphy|Holiday Envelope Calligraphy

Send out your invitations, wedding invitations, save the dates and Holiday Cards in style with Hyegraph’s Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing! Whether it’s for a corporate event or a private one, Hyegraph can put the personal touch on your addressing with beautiful Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing, Place Cards, Table Names, Table Numbers and Menus.

Envelope Calligraphy

 Envelope Calligraphy at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

At Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy we love working on Calligraphy orders and our clients love their finished Envelopes! Jacques has been helping clients with their Wedding Calligraphy, Envelope Calligraphy and Holiday Calligraphy for the past two decades. Now with the age of the internet, in addition to serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area we’re also happy to serve our clients with their calligraphy needs nationwide. So if you’re in the East Coast, i.e. Boston, New York, Washington or West Coast, Los Angeles to Beverly Hills or Seattle, we’re at your service with one simple email or phone call.

Simply email us your guest list and Jacques will address your envelopes with Digital Calligraphy. We can also add your Return Address on the Envelope.

Wedding Calligraphy

Weddings are a stressful time for Bride and Grooms and Families alike. Let Hyegraph help you with your Wedding Calligraphy! Just send or drop off your Wedding Envelopes to our San Francisco address and email us your Guest List. We’ll take care of your Envelope Calligraphy in 1 to 2 days.

Wedding Place Card Calligraphy and Wedding Menu Calligraphy

Let Hyegraph put the personal touch on your Place Cards and Menus with our elegant Calligraphy. Pick your favorite font style from our Calligraphy page or our San Francisco Store Calligraphy selection and we’ll add your guest names to your place cards and create elegant Menus for your reception. You  can bring in your own place cards or pick out your favorite styles from our store selections.

Holiday Calligraphy

Holidays are a wonderful time for parties and celebrations. Let Hyegraph help with your Envelope Addressing for your Holiday Card Envelopes. Simply provide us your addresses and envelopes we will use our Digital Calligraphy to add the personal touch on your Holiday Envelopes.

Holiday Place Cards & Holiday Menus

Once you set the date for your Holiday event, whether it’s a Holiday Party, Private Dinner or Function let us add the details to your Holiday Place cards and create extraordinary Menus for your event with our Holiday Calligraphy.


Calligraphy Envelopes are $1 per Envelope

Calligraphy Menus are $2 for single later and $3 for double layer

Calligraphy Place Cards $1.50-$2.50 depending on layers.

For more information on placing Calligraphy orders please see our Calligraphy Page or call or email us at or 415-626-0461. Sincerely, Jacques/Hyegraph


Addressing Style~Hand Script Pro Calligraphy & Return Address Envelope Calligraphy

Check out our latest Addressing Script: Hand Script Pro. This beautiful calligraphy style looks like hand calligraphy but can be used to address envelopes faster and is more affordable using our Digital Calligraphy. The example below illustrates the addressing we did for a local client in San Francisco, California.


Hand Script Pro Calligraphy

This elegant Script Wedding Calligraphy can also be used for Wedding Place Cards and Wedding Menus in addition to Wedding Envelopes.  We used the same Calligraphy Font Style for the Return Addresses on this Envelope for our client’s guest residing in Boston, Massachusetts.


Return Address Calligraphy

Weddings are a special time. Make sure you use elegant digital calligraphy from Hyegraph to send your wedding invitations in style to your friends and family. To see more Calligraphy styles for addressing, place cards or menus please see our Calligraphy page. For our happy customers please see our Testimonials page. Congratulations on your upcoming event! Jacques/ Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

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