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Masquerade Mask Invitation for Boston Properties “Venetian Ball” at SF City Hall

This year Boston Properties, located at the Embarcadero Center, Financial District in San Francisco decided to throw a “Venetian Ball” themed party for their guests at the City Hall in San Francisco. They came in to work on a Masquerade Mask Custom Invitation for their event. Below is the custom invitation.

venetian ball invitation masquerade_venetian_custom_invitation_hyegraph_san_francisco masquerade_mask_venitian_custom_invitation_open_view_hyegraph_san_francisco venetian_ball_custom_invitation_charu_hyegraph venetian_mask_invitation_envelope_charu_papers_hyegraph envelope_masquerade_motif_hyegraph_san_franciscoWe used Charu Papers to design this custom Venetian Ball Invitation. The fonts and designs are in gold color. The design is laser cut. The Envelopes have matching masquerade masks printed with thermography. The invitation itself is two layered with a gold shimmer backing and a cream front. The invitation reads:

Boston Properties

cordially invites you and a guest to the

“Venetian Ball”

Black Tie Dinner


City Hall

…San Francisco, California

This luxurious invitation can be used for a Holiday Party, Wedding, Masquerade Ball and the like. The laser cut design adds a delicate intricacy and intrigue leaving guests to anticipate an exiting evening in the city. Please see our website for more designs or come in to Hyegraph Embarcadero in San Francisco located in the Financial District at the Embarcadero Center. We’re sure this event will be a hit at the SF City Hall!

You can also see scroll invitations at our scroll invitation section.



Jazz Party Invitations from Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

These Jazz Invitations from Arlene Segal make a sparkly impression with Jazz aficionados and non jazz fans as well, the musicians are in movement and into the groove on these custom gold invites. There’s the saxophone player, the piano player all in music harmony in black, printed on white linen paper surrounded with gold shimmery stars and framed in a glossy black frame.

Custom Jazz Invitations from Arlene Segal at Hyegraph Embarcadero SF:

jazz_band_custom_party_invitation_arlene_segal_hyegraph_embarcadero_financial-distirct_san-francisco jazz band party invitations jazz_note_custom_invitation_arlene_segal_hyegraph_invitations-embarcadero_finanacial_district_san_franciscoThe above invitations are from our Arlene Segal Design Line. The price for the invites is custom, please call us if you’re interested in personalizing for your event! You can see more from our Arlene Segal Line and see more invitation selection on our Stationery Section, or check our ONLINE site for more selections and ordering. You can see are Party Invitations in our store located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California. schedule-appt2Please Make An Appointment! Looking forward to meeting with you, Hyegraph


Napa Valley Themed Wine Bottle Custom Invitations ~ Birthday Invitations

Our client came in very excited to create some fun party invitations for her husband’s 80th birthday party which she was planning to take place in Napa, California at a local winery. So we helped her design these really fun wine bottle invites using Checkerboard Designs!

Wine Bottle 80th Birthday Party Invitations ~ Checkerboard Designs:

wine-bottle-birthday-invitation80th-birthday-party-invitations-grape-design wine-bottle-birthday-inviteThe above custom wine bottle 80th birthday invitations were designed using Checkerboard Designs. They have fun invites for any occasion, from Bar/Bat Mitzvah to Retirement, Wedding/Bridal Shower to Holiday and Baby Announcements. The above invite is rich with color and detail replicating a smaller version of a real Napa Valley Wine Bottle. Together with a gold shimmer ribbon affixed the neck of the Chardonnay bottle it even states the year the grapes were picked, “Estate 2011 Grown”. The back of the card includes the birthday event detail text, including the birthday boy’s name, date, and place.

You can create your next custom invite with Hyegraph! Simply, Email, Call or stop by at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111.

See more Napa Style Invitations on our Blog! See more Checkerboard Designs on our Website. Waiting to help you with your next special event. Hyegraph

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Vera Wang Papers On Weddings Volume Two from Crane & CO. at Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco

The Vera Wang Papers On Weddings Volume Two is now at Hyegraph! You can come to view the new collection now. Her new collection includes rich ink colors for Engraving: Brushed Silver, Sun Gold, Polished Copper. For Foil inks: Silver, Gold, Copper, Black, White. For Thermography Merlot, Scarlet, Dahlia.

Whether your gown is Vera Wang or not you can still choose Vera Wang for your Wedding or next event! The Vera Wang Stationery Collection comes in quantities of 25 with a minimum ordering requirement of 25 invitations. Here are some of the designs from the new Weddings Volume Two!

Vera Wang Papers on Weddings Volume Two Gold Confetti

Vera Wang Wedding save the date weddings volume two black and white Vera Wang Papers on Weddings Volume two wedding invitations Vera Wang Papers on Weddings Volume two Save the Dates black and white  Vera Wang on Weddings Volume Two Save the date black and white Vera Wang black and white stiped wedding invitation weddings volume two Vera Wang Black and White Letterpress Weddings volume two Vera Wang Weddings Volume two white on black wedding invitation vera_wang-wedding_gowns Vera Wang Papers On WeddingsThe above wedding invitations and save the dates from the new Vera Wang Wedding Album, “Vera Wang Papers, On Weddings Volume 2″ printed by Crane & Co. are the new addition to our wedding invitation collection. The cards above illustrate black and white Save the Dates, Black and white striped wedding invitations, invitations with gold confetti, french envelopes and itinerary cards. The selection includes engraved, letterpress and thermography type printing.

Each of the above Vera Wang Designer Wedding Invitations comes with a matching Oyster White Envelope which is also available to be printed with your return address and your guest addresses. The guest addressing can be done using Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy.

These invitations are priced based on quantity, the type of printing requested, ink color selection and personalization. Please call, email or stop by at Hyegraph Invitaitons & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111.


The Nightmare Before Christmas: Holiday Cards/Holiday Invitations

There really are nightmares and sweet dreams too. The sweet dreams, ‘dulce sueno’ are the ones that come when we’re carefree like a little girl who dreams of candy and jewels and colors where as an adult may have a nightmare portraying their anxiety. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” examines in a colorful animated children’s story with claymation from Tim Burton a character by the name of “Jack”. Jack’s obsession comes from his inability to be part of the festivities of Christmas town. Jack’s the king of Halloween town, but is obsessed with the spirit of Christmas. Thus, he plans to kidnap Santa Claus so that he can replace him by bring joy to the children on Christmas morning. However, he forgets who he is, he brings fright and fulfillment to the trick or treaters so he transfers these frightful gift ideas and the result is a horrific failure because the children are expecting their dolls and toys instead they receive headless dolls or snakes instead of stuffed animals. Jack sees this disaster and is horrified. Jack finally realizes he belongs to Halloween town with Sally, his longtime friend who is worried about him. He decides to leave Christmas town to Santa. 

Nightmare before Christmas Original Art Work for Party Invitations:

Sally & Jack ~ Donna & Michael

Sally & Jack ~ Nightmare Before Christmas Custom Holiday Invitations Silkscreen Printing~ Donna & Michael

Our client Donna, worked with us to create a custom “Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Card“, so we worked with our custom printer, K Paper who uses a silkscreen technique to come up with the following invitation. Our client provided the artwork which her friend Lali had designed. Since Donna is a red head, this worked great using Donna as Sally. Lali also included a toasting glass where Jack saluting to Donna (Sally’s character). The invitation is printed in red thermography on cream paper, the rsvp is on red stock with silver thermography. All the stationery are tied together with a red ribbon. The invitation envelope is in a matching red stock with The Nightmare Before Christmas art work added as an extra detail. The rsvp envelope is in cream stock the address printed in red ink.

The Nightmare Before Custom Holiday Invitation Suite:

Custom Holiday Invitation Suite~Nightmare Before Christmas

Custom Holiday Invitation Suite~Nightmare Before Christmas

Red Rsvp with Red Ribbon & Silver Thermography Printing:


Red Rsvp Card with silver thermography printing K

The above rsvp card is red with silver thermography printing, “can hardly wait…/can’t believe I/we won’t be attending…” You can see the Red Thermography Addressed Rsvp Envelope on our previous blog post. We also addressed Donna’s envelopes with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy. You can see more original invitations we helped design for Donna using K Paper. We created her Custom Scroll Wedding Invitation and Wedding Save the Dates!

Custom Envelope for Holiday Invitation~Nightmare Before Christmas Artwork:


Red Custom Invitation Envelope with Nightmare Before Christmas Artwork

The above RED Custom Invitation Envelope is beautiful with silkscreen Nightmare Before Christmas Original Art Work Design in black and the yellow moon. Donna’s return address is printed on the envelope flap using again the silkscreen printing technique. See more of our Custom Invitations on our Wedding Website and Wedding Blog.

Sally’s Song/The Nightmare Before Christmas

In this video clip from The Nightmare before Christmas Sally expresses her anxiety about her friend Jack. Here is the Video for Sally’s Song/The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Here are the Lyrics to Sally’s Song/The Nightmare Before Christmas:

I sense there’s something in the wind, That feels like tragedy’s at hand. And though I’d like to stand by him, Can’t shake this feeling that I have. The worst is just around the bend, And does he notice my feelings for him. And will he see, how much he means to me? I think it’s not to be. What will become of my dear friend, Where will his actions lead us then?… And will we ever end up together?

Luckily, by the end of the story Jack realizes his obsession is misguided therefore returns Santa’s Hat and comes back to his home and to Sally in Halloweentown. Happy, Spooky Holidays, Halloween & Sweet Dreams



Bat Mitzvah Invitation in Envelofold from Hyegraph San Francisco

Bat Mirzvah’s are a special time for young girls and their families. This is a big occasion in the Jewish culture and is celebrated in a big way. It’s like a mini wedding with all the preparations including the perfect invitations. The parents, mainly the moms come in with their daughters to pick out the right design that is best suited for the theme. In this case our family chose this Exquisite invite form Lemon Tree Stationery with high end stock.

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Envelofold Style from Lemon Tree Stationery by Hyegraph

Envelofold Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Envelofold by

Our clients also included the response card for their guests with little icons next to each response choice, including the star of David(We will attend the service and luncheon), a camera icon(We will attend the party, see you on the red carpet), and the Eifel tower(Sorry, we are going to be in Paris for Fashion Week). These are fun ways to offer choices for the guests when responding to the rsvp.

Another special feature of this custom bat mitzvah invitation from Lemon Tree Stationery is that it doesn’t require a mailing envelope. All the invitation inserts are tucked in neatly in this envelofold. Our client had our hand calligrapher hand address the invitation and mailed it out, nice and simple. That’s the nice feature of the Envelofold, it incorporates the idea of a pocket invitation but it’s one big pocket instead of little pockets.

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording:

Bat Mitzvah Invitation wording

We Invite You to Share This Special Day With our Daughter invitation wording

 The wording above conveys the pride and honor the family feel for this special occasion as they invite their daughter to the Torah and celebrate with friends and family. Congratulations to our clients as they share a milestone for their daughter in a rite of passage.

Please come in, call or email me to see our custom Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations and all our other stationery we offer at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy. See our Calligraphy Section for fonts and styles. We are here to make sure we create exceptional invitations together. Jacques/Hyegraph


The Great Gatsby: The book, the movie and the invitation

The Great Gatsby, one of the top American Novels written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald and included in High School curriculum after World War II is now a popular movie: “The Great Gatsby”, starring the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio. So now we have the Gatsby Style Invitations from our Arabella Designers. The gold luminous ink adorns the chocolate mocha invitation with die-cut designs that embellish the outside borders with thick brushed gold. What’s more is the back of the invitation is layered with metallic gold shell designs surrounding a custom “Gatsby” monogram. This is sure to please an opulent party giver or planner. You can add all the glitter, lighting, candles and shine to your party and send out this pleasing party invitation to suit the theme. Whether for a party or wedding this invitation will be glamorous and chick!

The Great Gatsby Themed Party Invitation from Arabella Papers at Hyegraph San Francisco:

Great Gatsby Invitations

Gatsby Style Invitations designed by our Arabella Designers available at

The Price for Great Gatsby Invitations including the Gatsby Invitations, The Gatsby Invitation Envelopes, the Gatsby themed wallpaper on the back of the invitation, and the Gatsby Envelope Lining for 25 Invitations is $790; for 50 Invitations is $870; for 75 Invitations is $952; for 100 Invitations is $1, 034. Please Contact Us for Ordering or for Personalization.

The Great Gatsby Book Cover:


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald capturing the 1920s Party Lifestyle in Long Island.

The Great Gatsby Movie Design:

Gatsby movie design

The Great Gatsby Movie Design

To create a unique Gatsby Style Invitation for a Fun Party see our website at or come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco! You can call or email me with any design ideas. Don’t forget to get your invitation envelopes addressed with our Digital Calligraphy. See our happy customers on our Testimonials Page. Happy Planning, Jacques/Hyegraph


San Francisco Fine Arts Museums’ Invitations for Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl Earring, Dutch Painting From The Mauritshuis is now showing at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. The de Young is the first museum during the Americas tour to show the collection of Dutch Painting from the Mauritshuis gallery which has not lent out it’s collection for close to 30 years. Recently the Mauritshuis gallery is undergoing renovations and therefore has lent out it’s treasured art collections. Now you can see the Girl With A Pearl Earring by artist Johannes Vermeer right here in San Francisco.

Invitations for Girl With A Pearl Earring Invitation to premiere

Girl With A Pearl Earring Invitation by Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

Hyegraph recently created the Invitations for the Exclusive Premiere of the Exhibition which was given by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and Mrs. Alfred S. Wilsey, President of the Board of Trustees. The event took place on:

January 22, 2013

de Young Museum

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

There was also an Invitation to a Reception and a Behind-the-Scenes installation of the exhibition, which Hyegraph also created, for the same evening inviting special donors to the fine arts museums.

In addition to creating the reception cards we also used our Digital Calligraphy Service to address the Invitation Envelopes for the Premiere of Girl With One Pearl Earring at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. You can order your invitation ONLINE on come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco where we can create your custom invitations together.

Girl with a pearl earring by Tracy Chevalier

Girl With A Pearl Earring Book

The Girl With One Pearl Earring has also been the inspiration for a Movie and a Book. The book is written by Tracy Chevalier, published in 1999 is a historical novel. It sold over 2 million copies globally. It’s about a servant’s life, a master’s obsession, a matter of honor set in Holland.

Girl with a pearl earring movie

Girl with a pearl earring movie

The film, “Girl With A Pearl Earring”, is directed by Peter Webber and stars Scarlett Johansson and Collin Firth. It was made in 2003 after the book came out in 1999. The film grossed over 31 million internationally and was made with 10 million.

Time in a Painting

Why do we want to look at paintings? Why is it important? Does it connect us to Time: an intangible dimension and makes it more tangible? An object can do that for us, make time appear to be more tangible so that we can see it or touch it. But to transform to 1665, which is when the oil masterpiece, “Girl With A Pearl Earring” was painted by Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer you do have to go to de Young Museum in San Francisco where you  can witness first hand “time” in a painting.

For tickets and information on visiting de Young Museum please visit their Plan Your Visit Page. Enjoy witnessing time at all your local museums.

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Custom Invitations for ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS New Route from San Jose to Tokyo

ANA “All NIPPON AIRWAYS” has a new route from San Jose to Tokyo and they would like to announce the occasion with Custom Invitations from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy. We worked with local, San Francisco event planner Lauren McDonald from California Host to create the custom invitations for ANA–All NIPPON AIRWAYS. We created custom, three layered invitations using checkerboard designs. The ANA colors of navy & ocean blue found in their company logo was used to create the color theme for the invitations. Yuji Hirako, Senior Vice President of the Americas All Nippon Airways CO., Chuck Reed, the Major of San Jose, and Carl Guardino, President & CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group invited guests to a Reception with Drinks & Hors D’oeuvres to Celebrate the Launch of the All Nippon Airways New Route from San Jose to Tokyo. The reception was scheduled to take place at THE ROTUNDA at SAN JOSE CITY HALL in San Jose, California on December 5th 2012.

According to a Press Release by ANA, released in November, 2012, ANA is Japan’s leading airline and the New Route will launch on January 11, 2013 from San Jose to Narita, Tokyo. The press release states,

The City of San Jose is the center of Silicon Valley and home to many of the world-renown technology corporations, including Japanese companies. Located in close proximity to downtown San Jose, the new service out of Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport will enable ANA to serve global travelers between Silicon Valley and Japan and other Asian destinations.


Custom Invitation in two toned ink from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy San Francisco

Custom Invitation with Company Logo in two toned ink from Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy

The ANA invitations were layered in three layers of stationery. The top layer is white printed with Thermography in navy colored ink. The company logo “ANA” is placed at the top in two toned ink. The hosts’ names are printed in script font while the body of the invitation wording is in block font. The second layer of the card stock is in navy complimenting the ink color and company logo; the bottom layer of the three layered invitation is in ocean blue which can be found in the two toned logo.

Calligraphy for Envelopes Addressing Service

Calligraphy Envelopes~Addressing Service

The ANA invitation envelopes were addressed using Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy’s Digital Calligraphy. Jacques, owner of Hyegraph printed the envelopes with Digital/Computer Calligraphy in Navy Ink. The return address on the envelope flap was also addressed in Navy ink in block font.

Congratulations to ANA! If you would like us to help with design, printing and calligraphy for your next project, please send your event theme and project ideas to and we would be happy to assist you with your design and printing services for invitations & calligraphy.



San Francisco Embarcadero Center’s 25th Annual Holiday Building Lighting Ceremony Card owned by Boston Properties

We celebrated the Boston Properties 25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony at the San Francisco Embarcadero Center, presented by Hawaiian Airlines, at the Holiday Ice Rink at Embarcadero Center on November 18th, 2011. We worked with the Boston Properties team to create this custom Holiday Invitation for the big event!

25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Cards at Embarcadero Center

25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Cards at Embarcadero Center

We created this Custom Holiday Invitation using a “Laser Cut” technique with our printers. The stock is shimmer silver. The inside of the invitation is white with charcoal ink. The result is Striking. This high-end, custom, Holiday Business Invitation is an example of a unique & elegant invitation used to invite guests for the special event celebrating the Embarcadero Center’s 25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony which starts off the Holiday Season here at the Embarcadero Center!

25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Laser Cut Holiday Invitation Card

25th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Laser Cut Holiday Invitation Card

In the above Holiday Business Card we’re showing the Laser Cut Invitation with a Gold Background!

boston proberties holiday inviation for the 25th annual building lighting ceremony

Boston Properties Building Lighting Ceremony Holiday Invitation “laser-cut” design

In the above example of the Business Holiday Card we used a black background to make the “laser-cut” building design more prominent. The image consists of the four Embarcadero Center Buildings with stars scattered in the background and the moon die-cut to accent the invitations.

For more invitations designs please see our website or come in to our store. To see the Embarcadero Center’s 26th Annual Building Lighting Ceremony Card please see:

Happy Holidays! Hyegraph


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