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It’s the Wedding & Party season for graduations, weddings, engagements and more special events! The Great Gatsby Theme is a popular trend for party themes. Here are two examples: one is a Great Gatsby Place Card with Digital Calligraphy and the other is a Great Gatsby Table Card with Digital Calligraphy:

Jacques uses Digital Calligraphy also known as machine or computerized calligraphy to create these elegant place and table cards for our client’s event. He also works with clients from around the Bay Area including San Jose, Napa, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and nationwide!

Calligraphy TR Paragon for Great Gatsby Style Party/Wedding Place Card:

Calligraphy and Great Gatsby Place Card

Great Gatsby Party/Wedding Place Card ~ three layers ~ TR Paragon font style Calligraphy by

The above place card reads “Sir Anthony Hopkins”, it’s printed using Digital Calligraphy, Font Style TR Paragon, ink color is black, price is: $3.00 including the stock and the calligraphy.

Great Gatsby Style Wedding/Table Card with Digital Calligraphy:

Calligraphy printed Table Number Card

Great Gatsby Style Table Number Card with Digital Calligraphy by

The above example of a table number card is printed with Digital Calligraphy. It’s in two layers: gold and white and printed with black ink. The gold in the back ground is the second layer which gives it the Gatsby look with the black ink. The above place card and table cards go great with the Great Gatsby themed party Invitation.  To create the above looks please Call, Email or come in to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy 

3 Embarcadero Center

San Francisco CA, 94111

Please also see our Seashell Gatsby Place Card, check out more of our invitations and SHOP ONLINE for our elegant invitations! To see all our designs please see our website at and our original designs on our blog at Happy Planning!


Calligraphy by Jacques ~ Gatsby Style Place Cards ~ TR Paragon Font Style

The Great Gatsby theme is a popular choice for parties & weddings this year. I’ve seen it on Pinterest boards pinned for sweet sixteens, New Year’s Eve Parties, Birthday Parties and Weddings. Here is an example of a party/wedding place cards Jacques printed with Digital Calligraphy in TR Paragon on top of the gold shell design of this card in black ink. The matching Gatsby Style Invitation is also encrusted with gold upside down shells. The lettering on the invitation is in combination gold and white ink, it’s offered by our Arabella Designers available at Hyegraph.

Example of Great Gatsby Style Place Card to match Gatsby Invitation:

Place Card printed with Hyegaph's Digital Calligraphy

Great Gatsby Shell Place Card with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy in TR Paragon

 The above example of a Great Gatsby Place Card illustrates TR Paragon font style which is a popular choice by our brides. The ink color is Black on top of matte cream stock. This personalized place card enhances the theme of the party/wedding and adds to the details of the event making your guests/wedding attendees feel special. Adding your guest’s name to the place card ensues that you have taken the extra step and time to make them feel welcome to your special day. The Price for the Place Card/Wedding Place Card is $3.00/each.

We also recommend The Great Gatsby Style Table Card which also adds an element of elegance and flair to your Party/Wedding. The Price for the Table Number Card is $2.50/each.

Once you have the Gatsby Party Invitation or Wedding Invitation, Wedding/Place Card and Wedding/Table Card you can also add a Personalized Gatsby Style Wedding Menu/Menu to your Stationery. The Price for Menu items start at $1.75/each (printing)

Create a Gatsby style Party or Wedding! To get started Call, Email or come in to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

3 Embarcadero Center

San Francisco, CA 94111

You’re also welcome to check out our paper selection and wedding invitation on our Shop ONLINE Site.

Create your unique invitations for your next event by booking an appointment with us!

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Wedding Calligraphy~Wedding Envelope Calligraphy~Elegant Calligraphy

This elegant Font Style Some Weatz Swashes is a script font style that’s perfect for an impressive formal wedding invitation. It is the wedding season again, and we’re here to address your invitations with our beautiful Digital Calligraphy. It’s a fast wedding season with a lot of weddings taking places in Napa and Sonoma. We also have a lot of destination weddings, where our couples are heading back home for a small town wedding. We have clients going back to Main, Massachusetts, Sacramento, Ojai, California and other destinations.

Wedding Calligraphy with Digital Calligraphy~Font Style Some Weatz Swashes

wedding calligraphy font style some weatz swashes

Wedding Calligraphy “Some Weatz Swashes” Font Style

Wedding & Party Trends

Wedding & Party trends this season seem to be The Great Gatsby, Black & White Chalkboard Themed invitations, laser die-cut invitations & lace invitations. Of course the white and ecru understated invitation is a classic and always a favorite. Since we’re in San Francisco, one of the biggest hot wedding trends seems to be Napa weddings.

Napa Weddings

Napa weddings include wedding in wineries, mansion and estates. These are romantic Tuscan style weddings with the beautiful wineries as a backdrop. All of Napa is the perfect background for a romantic rustic wedding. This includes Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville and Yountville.

Weather your wedding is local, a destination wedding or a Napa style wedding we can help  you design and create the right invitation for you, we help you make a good impression. For ordering Calligraphy please go to our CALLIGRAPHY PAGE on our website, you can also order ONLINE on our SHOP ONLINE PAGE.  If you’re in the Bay Area please stop by at Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. Thank You, Hyegraph


Violation Font Style Calligraphy

Here is a new font style we’re using to address our clients’ invitations. Violation Font Style is a script and sexy font style.

Violation Font Style Calligraphy


Violation Font Style Calligraphy

A great way to save time is to have your invitations addressed with digital calligraphy also referred to as computer or machine calligraphy. We can have your invitations addressed in 1 to 2 business days. Simply email us your guest list to, drop off or mail us your envelopes and pick your favorite font style like this one called “violation”. You can pick more font styles form our calligraphy & envelope addressing pages.

Digital Calligraphy is a favorite among our clients. We love providing calligraphy service to our clients in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Our happy clients include bride & grooms & party planners from San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Seattle, Washington D.C. and other major cities nationwide!

Prices for calligraphy for envelopes is $1.00, Inner Envelope Calligraphy is $.50, Return Address Printing is $.50, Place Card Calligraphy is $1.00 and Menu Calligraphy is $1.75. Please call with questions!

Please call, email or come in to Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. We’re here to provide you with exceptional service and products. Congratulations! Hyegraph Team


WEDDING TABLE CARD-Create a Custom Table Card for your Wedding Party

Here is a Classic Wedding Table Card we created for a wedding in London, England. Jacques calligraphed the table numbers onto the tick ecru stock with black ink using Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy in Burgus Font Style. You can see our couple’s Custom Wedding Menu Card which we created with matching font style Burgus. These Wedding Table Cards are stylish, chick and functional directing your Wedding Party Guests to sit at the designated tables without any confusion on your wedding day! You can see more of our Wedding Ideas on our BLOG and WEBSITE.


Custom Wedding Table Calligraphy

Wedding Table Card Number Calligraphed by Jacqeus

Wedding Calligraphy Prices:

The Price for the custom wedding card is $1.75. The Price for Wedding Envelopes addressed with Calligraphy Service is $1.00. The price for the Return Address Printed on the Wedding Envelope Flap is $.50.

See our Beautiful Wedding Invitations, Wedding Calligraphy Service and Wedding ideas. Check out more Wedding Table Cards & Wedding Menu Cards on our Wedding Blog. This Wedding Table Card was for our clients for a wedding in England, but we love working with bride & grooms nationwide, from Seattle, Washington to New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. Please stop by at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy, 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA, CALL US, or EMAIL US. Happy Planning from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy


Wedding Place Cards/Wedding Place Card Printing by Hyegraph San Francisco

Our most popular wedding place cards are ecru/ivory and white. Some styles are just plain, while other cards have beaded, embossed or debossed borders. Here is an example of a place card from our William Arthur Collection with beaded borders on white card stock. I used our Hyegraph Calligraphy to print the names of my bride & groom’s guest names for their upcoming wedding.

Wedding Place Card/Wedding Place Card Printing with Hyegraph Calligraphy:

wedding place cards

Mr. Marlone Brando printed place card by with Adobe Garamound Pro font style calligraphy

The above place card illustrates our William Arthur place card in white with beaded borders printed with Hyegraph’s Calligraphy in black ink using Adobe Garamound Pro font style. The Price is $50.00 for 100 William Arthur Place Cards. The Price for the calligraphy printing is $1.00 for black ink. I can also use colored ink to print your place card calligraphy. The price for colored ink is $1.25 per card.

If you live in the San Francisco area you can simply come in to our San Francisco Store to pick out your favorite font style. If you live out of the San Francisco area you can check out my calligraphy styles online and mail me your place cards if you already have them. Otherwise you can purchase your cards from us. I love to serve my clients both locally from San Francisco, San Jose and Napa and nationwide, from Boston, New Jersey, Washington, Florida and Texas. No matter where you are it’s easy to order your place cards for your next event. My clients love our calligraphy service for their weddings, galas, holiday parties or other events. Please call, email or stop by with inquiries. You can also check our Envelope Addressing Page for more font styles. You can see more place card examples on our Place Cards Category. Please see our Testimonials Page for my happy customers. Happy Planning, Jacques from Hyegraph


Calligraphy for Wedding Menus/Menu Cards by Hyegraph San Francisco

Here’s a Wedding Menu Card I created for my Bride & Groom who were recently wed in England. I used my digital calligraphy to print the menus on crane letra paper stock. The brides choice in ink color was black.  The font style for the “Menu” is Burgus and Trajan on the rest of the wedding menu items.

Calligraphy for Wedding Menu Cards using Burgus and Trajan Font Styles

Digital Calligraphy for Wedding Menus

Calligraphy for Wedding Menus

My couples are always excited to wrap up their wedding stationery details. I recommend when they first come in to decide on the save the dates and wedding invites and then to create the rest of their wedding stationery including programs, menus, seating charts, place cards, escort cards and calligraphy. In this case my couple is from San Francisco, they designed their wedding invitations in England where their wedding and reception took place and the other wedding stationery we designed together.

The above menu is in single layer, however, we also attached a stand for them so the menu cards could stand up at the guest’s tables.

The price is $2.50 for each card including the stand on the back. Please call for custom orders at 415-626-0461, email me at or come in to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

3 Embarcadero Center, Street Level

San Francisco, CA 94111

 You can see more Menu Card Styles on the Menus Category. To create custom wedding and event place cards please see our place cards category. You can also create a custom seating chart instead of place cards. To save time you can have your wedding invitation envelopes addressed with our digital calligraphy service. See our Calligraphy page or contact us regarding wedding calligraphy for your envelopes or other wedding stationery. Congratulations on your engagement and Best Wishes for happily after! Jacques and the Hyegraph team

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Don’t Be Selfish Calligraphy: Wedding & Invitation Calligraphy Service San Francisco

Calligraphy is just Calligraphy. However, when you work with different font styles, you see the fun side of calligraphy with different shapes, scripts and font names. “Selfish” is a font style we have in our Calligraphy Repertoire which you can find on our Envelope Addressing Page. This is a bold, scripted font style you can use for any occasion and of course also for your Wedding Invitation Envelope Addressing.

“Selfish” Wedding Calligraphy, Envelope Addressing Service, Wedding & Invitation Calligraphy

Wedding Calligraphy Selfish

Selfish Wedding Calligraphy

If you would like us to help you with your Wedding Calligraphy Envelope Addressing Service please Call us at 415-626-0461, Email Us at: or come into our San Francisco store located at Three Embarcadero Center. To see and buy beautiful Wedding and Party Invitations online please see our ONLINE PAGE. To see our happy customers please see our Testimonials. For complete wedding and invitation calligraphy ordering instructions with prices and turnaround time please see our CALLIGRAPHY PAGE.

If you’re not in the San Francisco area please call us Toll Free at 866-626-0461 and Online. We’ve worked with individuals nationwide from Boston, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Seattle, Hawaii and also Beverly Hills, Los Angels and Napa. Please feel free to contact us with your Calligraphy and Invitation questions.

Sincerely, Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy San Francisco, California


Meet Our Sexy Calligraphy: Calligraphy for Wedding Invitation/Invitation Envelope Addressing

We have many Calligraphy Font Styles at Hyegraph for Wedding Invitation/Invitation Envelope Addressing. Jacques prints elegant calligraphy on your wedding invitation envelopes with Hyegraph’s digital calligraphy. His collection of Calligraphy font styles are script, bold, cursive and they include fonts such as: Artistic, Brush Script, Carpenter and Chopin. Here is a fun one we have in our Hyegraph Calligraphy Collection: SEXY CALLIGRAPHY:


sexy script calligraphy

Our “sexy script” is fun, curvy and ready for a good time. This calligraphy style would be recommended for a formal party, an artsy event or any social occasion with a celebration would be appropriate. To see more of our calligraphy font styles for invitation envelope addressing please see our Envelope Addressing Page. You can go to our Calligraphy Page for ordering instructions, prices and turnaround time.

If you would like to contact us for Calligraphy Inquiries please email us at:, call us at: 415-626-0461 or stop by our Embarcadero Center Store in San Francisco to see our Calligraphy Font Styles in person. To order fabulous wedding invitations, party invitations, bridal shower invitations or save the dates online, please go to our ONLINE SITE.

For happy customers check out our Testimonials Page. To see all of our services and products please see our main website at

Sincerely, Hyegraph, San Francisco


Place Card Calligraphy

Parties, Weddings, Fund Raisers, Galas and even intimate dinners all require proper place cards for your formal and informal guests. You wouldn’t want your guests burdened with the task of findimg a seat at a party, instead, they should have time to mingle with friends and acquaintances. Hence, the place card is a key component to planning a lavish or an intimate affaire. The place card has a functional role as well as a decorative one in a party/event setting. Here are some custom place cards we have worked on at Hyegraph. All of these custom place cards and the table card were printed by Jacques using the Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy. They were all created with a specific color and font style to reflect the particular event.

Table Card designed by Hyegraph and printed with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy:

Ferry Building Table Card with Curved Script Font Style Calligraphy

Ferry Building Table Card with Curved Script Font Style Calligraphy

The above Place Card reads “Ferry Building” made in two layers, white and yellow with Curved Script Font Style printed with Digital Calligraphy in black ink by Hyegraph.

Place Card from Charu Papers with Silkscreen Design printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

Place Card with Markham Font Style Digital Calligraphy

Place Card with Markham Font Style Digital Calligraphy

The above place card is from Charu Papers, the calligraphy is by Hyegraph in Markham Font Style in custom red ink color.

Custom Place Card with white and blue layers printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

PE Waterford Font Style Calligraphy

PE Waterford Font Style Calligraphy

PE Waterford font style digital calligraphy is used to print the above two colored place card with black ink.

Place Card from Envelopments printed with Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

Hand Calligraphy Pro from Envelopments ~ Digital Calligraphy by Hyegraph

Hand Calligraphy Pro from Envelopments ~ Digital Calligraphy by Hyegraph

The above place card is from Envelopments custom made and printed in black ink using Hand Calligraphy pro style. See more styles of Hand Calligraphy Pro Style on our blog.

Custom Place Card designed and printed by Hyegraph Digital Calligraphy:

Bickham Font Style Calligraphy on custom place cards by Hyegraph

Bickham Font Style Calligraphy on custom place cards by Hyegraph

The above place card is in two layers custom made with open stock stationery by Hyegraph. The colors are orange and fuchsia printed with black ink in Bickham font style by Jacques with Digital Calligraphy. For more examples of our Bickham font style calligraphy see our blog.

Ferry Building Table Card and assorted place cards by Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy:

Table Card and Place Cards

Table Card and Place Cards

The above place card assortment and table card are light and airy perfect for spring and summer events. These vibrant fushsia and pink combinations and blues with white and gold and orange colors are decorative, engaging and most important add a flare to any event.

Have a fun affaire and add elegant charm with gold, white and tasteful place cards and table cards. Call us in San Francisco at 415-626-0461, or toll Free if you’re out of the San Francisco area at 866-626-0461.

For information on place calligraphy orders please see our calligraphy page. To see most of our font styles please go to our Envelope Addressing Page.

Happy Plannings from Hyegraph/Jacques


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