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Hagop & Tamar’s Armenian Wedding Invitations with Glitter Thermography, Rhinestone Buckle, Chantilly Lace, Pocket & Satin Ribbon

Hagop & Tamar came all the way from Los Angeles to Hyegraph last year with their families to pick out just the right Armenian Wedding Invitation for their recent wedding which took place this August in Glendale, California. Tamar’s sister, Nairie also got married recently and she too chose to create her wedding invitations with Hyegraph.

Armenian Wedding invitations by Hyegraph Armenian text wedding invitation Hagop & Tamar printed in glitter thermography reception_card_sparkle_gold_ink_natural_impression_design_hyegraph_invitations tamar_and_hagop_armenian_couple bling wedding invitationArmenian bride and groom

The Armenian Wedding Invitation:

The young vibrant Armenian couple were thoughtful to honor their Armenian heritage by incorporating the Armenian version of the wedding invitations with the ancient Armenian Fonts. The couple’s initials were created into their Armenian wedding monogram using trchnakir, (Armenian letters made out of drawn shapes of birds) and printed in the center of the wedding invite in between the English & Armenian wording.

Sparkle Gold Ink/Glitter Thermography:

Another feature of Tamar & Hagop’s Armenian Wedding Invitation is our new, Glitter Thermography, used here in Sparkle Gold ink, technique by Natural Impression Design. This sparkly ink creates a special effect adding another dimension of luxury to this invitation.

Pocket Wedding Invitation:

Pocket Wedding Invitations are always a customer favorite! However, this high end, custom invitation illustrates the pocket invitation all blinged-out with it’s sparkles, rhinestone brooch, lace and satin touches. In this example we illustrate the Reception Card and all wedding stationery inserts that go right in the pocket of this invite.

Chantilly Lace & Satin Ribbon:

This custom invitation in addition to being a dual language, pocket wedding invitation with Glitter Thermography, also encompasses the Chantilly Lace & Satin Ribbon on the outside jacket of the invitation. The antique looking Chantilly lace is also reminiscent of the old Armenian lace work embroidered by the talented women of the Armenian culture. Tamar’s wedding invitation really has it all!

Circle Rhinestone Brooch Bling!:

The circle rhinestone brooch is affixed on top of the jacket of the invitation layered on the very top of the lace and satin ribbon. So this ancient Chantilly Lace is made modern with the satin ribbon and the Blinged brooch.

Price for Natural Linen Bling Wedding Invitation:

The Price for the Natural Linen Bling Wedding Invitation with Chantilly Lace, Rhinestone Brooch, Satin ribbon, Glitter Thermography, Pocket, and dual language Armenian Text is:

Wedding Invitations: $1080 for a Quantity of 25 invites

Price for Wedding Reception Card, Quantity 25: $110

Price for Wedding Response Card, Quantity 25: $140

Price for Wedding Thank You Cards, Quantity 25: $140

Please call, email or come in to Hyegraph to get a custom quote for your personalized, custom wedding invitations! Don’t forget to address your wedding invitation envelopes with elegant Digital Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing. We congratulate the newlyweds and their families!


Armenian Wedding Invitations for Shant & Sylva’s Armenian Wedding in San Francisco, California

Shant & Sylva chose this stunning Carlson Craft Pocket Style Wedding Invitation from Hyegraph for their July 2013 Wedding taking place in San Francisco, California. We customized the invitation tab with the couple’s initials and names in “marina” and “gold” ink. The couple chose a stunning “marina” colored jacket for their invitations and detailed the invite with matching marina and complementary “ecru” and “gold” colors. This attractive pocket invitation suite also comes in an Armenian invitation insert printed in gold ink with Armenian fonts. In addition to the English & Armenian invitation there are also three inserts including the Information Card: stating the couple’s website; the Celebration Card: asking the guests to join them at the Reception Site; and an Rrsvp Card; asking guests to reply to the invitation.

sylva_and_shant's_carlson_craft_pocket_wedding_invitation_hyegraph_san_francisco carlson_craft_pockets_wedding_invitation_gold_and_teal_hyegraph carlson_craft_information_celebration_rsvp_card_hyegraph_san_francisco sylva_and_shant's_armenian_wedding_invitation_hyegraph_invitations_san_francisco carlson_craft_pockets_wedding_invitation_two_languages_hyegraph_san_franciscoShant & Sylva’s invitation font style is “Artistic” for the main text and “Trajan” font style for their names on the main invitation. The printing style on the invitation is flat printing. Our Armenian-American couple wanted to have a traditional Armenian Wedding in San Francisco. Hence they opted to have their wedding ceremony at a local Armenian Church, their wedding reception at the Armenian Church Hall, gourmet Armenian style cuisine and of course Armenian wording to accompany the English wording on their invitations resulting in a traditional yet modern Armenian wedding. To see or order this invitation online please see our Shop Online Page.

Jacques also addressed the couple’s wedding invitation envelopes with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy. Congratulations Shant & Sylva!

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Lori & Armen’s Armenian Wedding Invitation in Armenian & English by Hyegraph San Francisco

Lori & Armen are both San Franciscans with Armenian descent. They both grew up in the Bay Area and they both attended the local Armenian Christian School, KZV, in San Francisco. That’s where they met and in later years got together romantically. Lori & Amen are a young, sophisticated dashing couple. When they came in to Hyegraph to choose their custom wedding stationery, we were more then happy to work with them.

armenian_wedding_invitation_lori_and_armen_hyegraph armen_and_lori_armenian_classical_font_hyegraph_invitations_and_calligraphy armen_and_lori_armenian_wedding_invitation_hyegraph_invitations_and_calligraphy checkerobard_wedding_invitation_pocket_reception_insert_hyegraph_invitations_and_calligraphyLori & Armen were very adamant about including Armenian text in their invitations since their Armenian traditions were such a big part of their identity. We worked with them to create a very sophisticated invitation incorporating the Armenian Text and an Armenian Monogram in part created by their family member. As you can see the ancient Armenian Text, the “A” for Armen and the “L” for Lori, intertwined in the center of the silver and black two layer, pocket invite from our Checkerboard stationery brand.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

There is a surprise element to this invitation on the back. From the front you wouldn’t know this is a “pocket invitation“, however, when you flip to the back, there is very distinguished pocket where the reception, response and accommodation card are hidden but neatly present for their guests. This example of a pocket wedding invitation illustrates a neat and formal look that will impress guests.

Armenian & English Wedding Text with Custom Monogram

The silver and black color scheme of Lori & Armen’s Dual-Language Wedding Invitation create a rich, formal appeal and suite the rest of their wedding theme. This Checkerboard design invitation with custom Armenian monogram is in two layers, silver layer on top of black backing; the wedding invitation envelope has a shimmer, charcoal lining, encased in a extra thick envelope with Geneva Flap. The lettering for both the Armenian and the English text is in black thermography. The font style for the English wording is “Trajan” for the names and “Burgus” for the body of the invitation.

Response Card & Reception Card

The matching Response and Reception cards are on silver shimmer card stock with black ink thermography. The Response card includes Entree Choice icons: cow for beef, fish for seafood and a carrot for vegetarian.

Jacques also addressed the couple’s wedding invitation envelopes with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy and printed the wedding place cards. Congratulations to our couple and Best Wishes!



Laser-Cut Wedding Invitations, Dual-Language Wedding Invitations and Destination Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

We just had a busy Wedding Season with wonderful Bride & Grooms. Hot Wedding Invitation and Save the Date styles this season were Laser Cut Wedding Invitations, Dual Language Wedding Invitations, and Destination Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates. Couples love to personalize their Invitations and Save the Dates with Monograms, their ethnicity and personal Style. Examples of stylish and highly personalized invitations we’ve helped create this wedding season are Passport Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates, dual-language wedding invitations including, Armenian, German and Mongolian languages and laser cut wedding invitations.

Here are some of the custom Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards we’ve created:

Passport Wedding Invitation & Save The Date Card for Destination Weddings

passport wedding invitations and save the date cards

Passport Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards

The above example illustrates a Passport Wedding Invitation and or Save the Date Card in teal blue with gold ink. We recommend this fun invitation idea for Destination Weddings. The cover of this card can also be personalized in navy blue or another color.

Armenian Wedding Invitations

armenian wedding invitations

Armenian Wedding Invitations

The above example of a Dual Language Wedding Invitation is in Armenian. The monogram was created by the client and we were able to incorporate the design onto the cover of the invitation.

German Wedding Invitations

german wedding invitations

German Wedding Invitations

The above German Wedding Invitation was one of two languages the couple requested. We also replicated the same design in English for our client to send to their guests.

Mongolian Wedding Invitations

mongolian wedding invitations

Mongolian Wedding Invitations

The above exquisite Dual-language Wedding Invitation is in Mongolian. The couple created their monogram and we incorporated it into the card design. The couple also requested custom wax seals to be affixed onto their envelopes.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

laser cut wedding invitations

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Finally, the above example illustrates a highly stylish and new design concept using lasers to cut the design motif on to the Wedding Invitation Jacket.

All of these designs are available for you to browse through at our San Francisco location. For more design options please see our website. If you’d like to work on a Personalized Wedding Invitation or Save the Date Card please contact us. We look forward to working with you on your next Special Event.

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Armenian Wedding Invitations

Our Armenian couple, Arpi & Bedross chose to print their wedding invitations in both their ethnic language of Armenian and in English. They chose a beautiful aubergine and cream combination design from Carlson Craft. To truly create a unique wedding invite, telling of their heritage, Arpi & Bedross enveloped their invitation with a cream band inscribed with their initials in traditional Armenian artwork design. The intertwined A & B of their initials is a symbolic expression of the lovely couple intertwining their lives with the promise of love and ancestral tradition.

Arpi & Bedross’ Armenian and English Wedding Invitations with Armenian Artwork and Lettering:


Armenian Wedding Invitations

The couple chose to have an illustrator from Sardarabad Book Store, located in Los Angeles to create their art-work for their initials seen here on the custom tab of the pocket invitation. Arpi & Bedross chose a pocket wedding invitation to stuff all their inserts, including their accommodations card, rsvp card with return envelope and reception card. The couple resides in the Bay Area, however, their nuptials will take place in Los Angeles where their extended families will join them in the celebration.

Accommodations Card Used for Armenian Wedding Invitation:


Accommodations Card

The Accommodations Card is a great way to direct your out of town guests to the venue of your choice where they may receive special discounts and also have an opportunity to see other family and guests who are attending the wedding. In addition to the accommodations card, the reception card will make it easy for guests to have all the necessary information already printed for them on an easy to read card. Finally, the rsvp card allows guests to respond to the invitation and also write any fun comments for the bride and groom.

Armenian Wedding Invitation

Below you can see the ancient Armenian fonts that were created thousands of years ago by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian monk, theologian and linguist. This beautiful language is cherished by the elders of Armenian communities all over the globe and still taught to the younger members of the community. In the Bay Area, Armenian is taught in Friday and Saturday schools and in San Francisco, KZV (Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan Armenian School) serves as the only Armenian School. Arpi and Bedross, by including this ancient text as part of their Wedding Invitation, have chosen to honor their heritage and pay homage to their ancestral roots in this very touching tribute to their family history.


Armenian Wedding Invitations

Arpi & Bedross’ dual-language, Armenian wedding invitation is an example of a very personal design thought up by the couple. The first way the couple achieves this very personalized wedding invite, is by choosing to include their ancestral language as part of the invitation. Second, the couple working with an artist create a custom monogram by using Armenian Art. This highly personalized card is an example of why we enjoy the invitation business where we can assist couples in the design and production of their invitations. For more examples on dual-language invitations please see our Dual-Language Invitations Category on our blog. We congratulate Arpi & Bedross and wish them a lifetime of Happiness, Health & Success/Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy


German & English Wedding Invitations from Hyegraph San Francisco

We’re doing a lot of dual language wedding invitations this season. Here is an example of a German and Englsih one we did for our Wedding couple getting married in Switzerland!

Two-Sided Wedding Invitation/English Side:

wedding invitations in english

Dual Language Wedding Invitations

Our couple getting married in Switzerland chose to use a two-sided invitation. On one side they had their invitations printed in English and on the other side they had their invitation printed in German. This dual-language, two-sided invitation by Checkerboard is printed in Navy ink on cream stock with a tarragon layer. 

Two-sided Wedding Invite/German Side:


Wedding Invitation in German

This is the second side of the invite in German. The wedding will take place in Switzerland and the couple reside in San Francisco, CA. The couple’s names are accented on both invitations with complementary tarragon ink and cursive font style. The combination ink coloring is a nice way to create a uniform look with the tarragon layering stock used on the card. You can order this invitations ONLINE or come in, call or EMAIL US at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy San Francisco.

Wedding Invitation Reception Card

Here, the reception is to follow the dinner, therefore both the invitation and reception can be printed on the main invitation without a second “reception card”. The reception portion of the invitation is illustrated with a flower motif to add an artistic element to the invitation.

Wedding Invitation in German

Wedding Reception Card

 All of these designs were created using Checkerboard invitation designs. If you’d like us to help you with designing invitations for your next event please see our blog and website for ideas and/or come in to see our designs in person. For dual-language wedding invitations see our blog category under Dual-Language Invitations. You can ORDER INVITATIONS ONLINE or COME IN, CALL OR EMAIL US at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy in San Francisco.

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San Francisco Wedding Invitations in Mongolian & English with Tea Length Envelopes & Custom Wax Seals

Our clients just picked up their dual-language, Wedding Invitations printed in Mongolian and English. These beautiful wedding invitations were printed by The Lemon Tree Stationery on fine stock stationery. We helped with the design and creative process.

San Francisco Wedding Invitations Mongolian

Wedding Invitations in Mongolian & English

The above Dual Language Wedding Invitation is printed in Mongolian and English on layers of cream and shimmer stationery. The inside of the Wedding Invitation is accented with the family crescent. The ink color is Navy.

custom wedding invitation in english and mongolian

Custom Wedding Invitation with Monogram on Tab

The above wedding invitation shows the closed view of the invitation with the couple’s Initials printed on the Tab on layers of stationery in Navy Ink.

Custom Wax Seal on envelope

Custom Wax Seal on Tea-length Envelope

The above custom envelope is in tea-length, cream stock from Lemon Tree Stationery. Affixed on top of the envelope flap is a custom wax seal we designed in Mongolian. The tea-length cream envelope is elegant and the custom wax seal adds an extra layer of detail to this super luxurious, dual-language wedding invitation. Congratulations to our Wedding Couple. For more Dual Language Wedding Invitation designs, please see our Dual Language Invitation Category. Please stop by our San Francisco store to design invitations or stationery for your next event!


Wedding Invitations~San Francisco Wedding Invitations from Checkerboard~Three Languages

Our Bride & Groom just received their Wedding Invitations which we designed using Checkerboard! Their Wedding Invitations are in French, German and English.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations in Three Languages

Our Bride and Groom wanted wedding invitations in three languages. The above examples of Wedding Invitations illustrate Three Different Invitations for the same Event, however, each Wedding Invitation is in a Different Language including: English, French & German. This Wedding Invitation designed with Checkerboard Invitations is in three layers of stationery: top layer-Cream Stock Stationery; Middle Layer-Olive colored Stock; Bottom Layer-Orange colored Stock. Since the couple have an international family and friend guest list they opted for three different invitations to be sent out according to the language spoken by their guests. If you’d like to order this invitation ONLINE, please click on SHOP ONLINE! If you’d like us to help you with the design process please call or come in to our store!


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