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Envelope Addressing Etiquette

Envelope Addressing Etiquette ~ Please use when Addressing Envelopes for Wedding Envelopes or other Formal Envelope Addressing

General Envelope Information

  • It is traditional to use the complete, formal name and address of your invited guests. For instance,

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Smith

  • Use full name when known. If not known, do not use initials, simply omit.
  • It is also traditional to spell out Avenue, Road, and Street as well as State name.
  • If you are providing reply cards, it is traditional to place a postage stamp on the reply envelopes to make it as easy as possible for your guests to respond.

How do I address inner envelopes?

  • A Married Couple’s inner envelope is addressed to: “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with neither their first names nor addresses.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  • When the invitation is addressed to several young children the inner envelope is addressed to: “Jessica, Saul and Shaun.”
  • If an envelope is addressed to the parents and a young daughter, her name is written on the inner envelope below her parents’ name:

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Miss Anne Anderson

  • An intimate relative may be addressed on the inner envelope as “Aunt Kate and Uncle Reid” or “Grandmother”
  • When the invitation is sent to an unmarried couple living at the same address, their names are placed on two lines:

Ms. Victoria Franks
Mr. John Doe

  • If the person invited is encouraged to bring a guest, the inner envelope is written:

Brittany and Guest


Mr. John Greenum and Guest

How do I address outer envelopes?

  • Wedding invitations are always addressed to both members of a married couple.
  • Invitations to an unmarried couple are addressed to “Ms. Mary French” and “Mr. John Burns,” with each name appearing on separate lines.
  • A person’s middle name may or may not be used, but if it is, it must be written out in full.
  • Children over 18 should if possible receive separate invitations. Young brothers and sisters may be sent a joint invitation to “The Misses” or “The Messrs Jones”:

The Messrs. Jones
The Misses Jones

18 and Over:

Ms. (or Miss) Juliet Kinder

1234 West 123 Street
Any Town, Any State 84105

The Misses Kinder

Children of the same household:

Mr. Matthew Kinder
Mr. Austin Kinder
1234 West 123 Street
Any Town, Any State 84105

The Messrs. Kinder

  • If the children are not to receive a separate invitation, then they may be written below the parents names on the inner envelope.
  • Single friends with a guest invited: when using an inner envelope, the “and guest” should not appear on the outside envelope.

Ms. Sheryl Jones

Ms. Sheryl Jones and Guest

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