San Francisco Wedding Invitations
Natasha & Francisco’s Wedding Invitations & Envelope Calligraphy

Natasha & Francisco are our beautiful couple getting married this July in San Francisco, CA. They chose their wedding invitations from our Carlson Craft Designs. The pocket wedding invitation, which is a great pick comes with a pocket where the wedding stationery can be inserted neatly into the actual wedding invite. The bride & groom picked a cream color with soft grey designs matching to the outside of the pocket invitation and the inside. The wedding ceremony is taking place at the St. Gregory Armenian church right in San Francisco. The reception will take place in South San Francisco. They have an R.S.V.P card with entree choice and a reception card. Hyegraph also addressed the wedding envelopes with black ink Digital Calligraphy. They chose to have both an outer and an inner envelope. The outer envelope is printed with the guest names and addresses along with the return address on the flap. The inside envelope only has the invited guest names printed. It all looks beautiful and the bride and groom have already mailed their invites to their guests. I’m sure they are now waiting for the responses form their invited guests.

Natasha & Francisco’s Engagement Photo:


Pocket Wedding Invitation & Envelope Calligraphy Examples:

guest addressing

wedding rsvp card from Hyegraph Invitations

Natasha & Francisco RSVP Card with Entree Choice from

wedding invitation

The Pleasure Of Your Company is Requested… inside of pocket wedding invitation ~

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation ~ example of inside view of Pocket Invitation for Natasha & Francisco Wedding

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

Mr. & Mrs. Oskanian Wedding Envelope Calligraphy ~ Inside Envelope ~ Natasha & Francisco’s Wedding

pocket wedding invitation

Pocket Wedding Invitations from Carlson Craft Designs by ~ outside view ~

The above wedding invitations and elegant, beautiful and classy matching the cute couple Natasha & Francisco. We are sure they are going to have a wonderful and festive wedding day in San Francisco along with their invited guests. Congratulations and well wishes to our couple!

If you would like similar invitations simply call, email or stop by to Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. We would love to help you with your next special event.

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy, San Francisco, CA




Beauty & The Beast Rose Wedding Invitation from Disney

As the last rose petal falls from Beast’s forbidden rose the Beast begins to die and all the objects of the castle turn into antiques in the newly released Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. When Belle confesses her love the sorceress hears that the Beast has earned love. She releases him and the objects from her spell.

The rose signifies love and life. The Beast lives because he has found love. The rose is love, without it there is no life. Love equals life. When you find love you must accept it and celebrate.

Below is our example of the Beauty & Beast Invitation with Rose Motif. The rose is used to embellish this invite and also on the rsvp card. To order the Beauty and Beast card simply email or call or stop by Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, Ca. You can see other designs on our Wedding Invitations Page. We can also address your invitation envelopes with Calligraphy Addressing to match your invitations. Please see our Testimonials for our Happy Clients.

Example of Beauty & the Beast Rose Wedding Invitation from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy:

Rose wedding invitation card from Disney

Beauty & The Beast Rose Wedding Invitation from Disney ~ (415) 626-0461

The above rose invitation is black with red and gold foil. The name of the bride & groom is also in gold foil to match the design. The inside of the invitation has the personalized details of the wedding date and reception.

Example of Beauty & The Beast Rose RSVP Card from Hyegraph:

rsvp card for beauty and the beast wedding invitation

The above matching rsvp card is in white with red and gold foil. It will need to be mailed back to the wedding couple indicating the number of guests attending.

Beauty & The Beast Movie from Disney 2017:

Beauty And The Beast Disney Movie

Beauty And The Beast Disney Movie poster ~ Belle holding the Rose

The above Disney movie is released in 2017 and is a live version of the classic animated movie which came out more than a decade ago and is a children’s favorite.

Beauty & The Beast Animated Movie Classic:


Disney Beauty And The Beast Animated Cartoon Poster with the Rose

The above adored movie classic, Beauty & The Beast is the animated version with Belle, the Beast and the symbolic rose. Please see our Wedding Invitations Page and our Wedding Blog with examples of our Custom Wedding/Event Stationery. Don’t forget to address your invitation envelope’s with our Digital Calligraphy Service. Email Us at; Call US at (415) 626-0461; or simply stop by at Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111. We’re here to help create beautiful invites, whether in person or via phone or email.

Wishing you many roses. Hyegraph San Francisco






Spring Stationery from Crane & Co. at Hyegraph

First day of Spring in San Francisco started with some Spring showers at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy. Spring showers mean pretty cards & stationery from Crane & Co. It’s always fun writing a little note or receiving one in the mail. My teenage daughter and her cousins started to correspond regularly by mail from San Francisco to Boston. At first neither one were even aware of purchasing stamps and the correct envelopes nor each other’s addresses. After the first notes they got the hang of it. Now, we get little notes with heart stickers on the envelopes, fun pictures with drawings inside.

No matter what year we’re in, communication via mail has a special place. This is the only way to actually send physical objects and not mere images. Soon, my daughter and niece will be taking the plane to visit. They are making plans and have to-do lists, places to visit and fun activities to share.

Although this young generation of teens face-time daily, they’ve found that sending each other notes with words of inspirations via mail adds an anticipation and physical reminder of their relationship and care for each other. I am sure when they do get together their time will be marked by postcards and scrapbook archiving the time spent together.

Here are some fun notes from Crane & Co. you can pick up this Spring and all year round at our little store at the Embarcadero Center location.

Example One: Letterpress Plum Blossom Note Card

Letterpress Plum Blossom Note Card from Crane & CO. $19.00 per box ~

The above fuchsia letterpress plum blossom note card from Crane & Co. is just perfect for correspondence. It’s vibrant colors and texture are great to write, send and receive.

Example Two: Letterpress Sunflower Note Card


Letterpress Sunflower Note Card from Crane & Co. $19.00 per box ~

The above bright yellow, letterpress sunflower note card from Crane & Co. was a hit on facebook and instagram when we posted it. It’s festive, fun and inspiring for writing a note to a friend or colleague.

Example Three: Great Horned Owl Note Card

Great Horned Owl Note Card $19.00 per box

Great Horned Owl Note Card from Crane & Co. $19.00 per box ~

The above Great Horned Owl Note Card from Crane & CO. is another favorite, teenagers love it and it’s a trend can be found almost on anything including, pajamas, purses, back packs, candles, bookends, etc. It’s another fun motif and inspirational to write a quick fun note for someone close and dear.

All the above cards from Crane & CO. along with many other styles can be found at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy in San Francisco. Check out our site for more stationery ideas, see our blog and join us on facebook.

You can view and order our Crane & Co. business stationery, and Crane & Co. Personalized Stationery in our store at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco,CA. We are located right in the center of the financial district.

Happy Mailing, Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy






Published in Brides Magazine ~ Angela & Kevin’s Winter Wedding at SF Design Center

Our Bride & Groom, Angela & Kevin, were married on December 22nd, 2012. Their reception was held at the San Francisco Design Center. Their Wedding Story was published in Brides and Ceremony Magazine. The couple’s photographs were taken by Tia & Claire Studio. Angela & Kevin used Hyegraph Wedding Stationery. We were happy to design and print their Wedding Invitations, Programs, Place Cards, Escort/Seating Cards, Menus and Calligraphy for their Invitation Addressing.

Angela & Kevin’s Winter Wedding at the San Francisco Design Center:

San Francisco Design Center Wedding 02Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-hyegraph-invitations-and-calligraphy-ceremony-program 04Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Hyegraph-Invitations-and-calligraphy-bride-oscar-de-la-renta-gown 05Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-white-bouquet 06Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-church-Christmas-decor 08Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-ceremony-church 09Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-hyegraph-invitations-and-calligraphy-escort-cards 10Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-silver-reception 11Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-white-centerpieces-flowers 12Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-white-floral-centerpiece 13Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-mr-mrs-chairs 14Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-hyegraph-invitations-and-calligraphy-wedding-menu-and-place-cards 15Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-hyegraph-invitations-and-calligraphy-silver-wedding-menu-and-place-card 16Glamorous-Winter-Wedding-San-Francisco-Design-Center-Tia-And-Claire-Studio-white-cake-laceAngela’s Wedding Gown was by Oscar de la Renta, Wedding Bands were by Giraux Fine Jewelry, the videographer was Thomas Hughes Films. You can see more of their wedding story on Brides and Ceremony Magazine. Photos courtesy of Tia & Claire Studio.

Click Here to watch Angela & Kevin’s Holiday Wedding by Thomas Hughes Films:

San Francisco Design Center WeddingAngela & Kevin’s video above was recorded by ThomasHughesFilms, please click on the image to play their beautiful Wedding Video! Congratulations to our happy newlyweds!



Hagop & Tamar’s Armenian Wedding Invitations with Glitter Thermography, Rhinestone Buckle, Chantilly Lace, Pocket & Satin Ribbon

Hagop & Tamar came all the way from Los Angeles to Hyegraph last year with their families to pick out just the right Armenian Wedding Invitation for their recent wedding which took place this August in Glendale, California. Tamar’s sister, Nairie also got married recently and she too chose to create her wedding invitations with Hyegraph.

Armenian Wedding invitations by Hyegraph Armenian text wedding invitation Hagop & Tamar printed in glitter thermography reception_card_sparkle_gold_ink_natural_impression_design_hyegraph_invitations tamar_and_hagop_armenian_couple bling wedding invitationArmenian bride and groom

The Armenian Wedding Invitation:

The young vibrant Armenian couple were thoughtful to honor their Armenian heritage by incorporating the Armenian version of the wedding invitations with the ancient Armenian Fonts. The couple’s initials were created into their Armenian wedding monogram using trchnakir, (Armenian letters made out of drawn shapes of birds) and printed in the center of the wedding invite in between the English & Armenian wording.

Sparkle Gold Ink/Glitter Thermography:

Another feature of Tamar & Hagop’s Armenian Wedding Invitation is our new, Glitter Thermography, used here in Sparkle Gold ink, technique by Natural Impression Design. This sparkly ink creates a special effect adding another dimension of luxury to this invitation.

Pocket Wedding Invitation:

Pocket Wedding Invitations are always a customer favorite! However, this high end, custom invitation illustrates the pocket invitation all blinged-out with it’s sparkles, rhinestone brooch, lace and satin touches. In this example we illustrate the Reception Card and all wedding stationery inserts that go right in the pocket of this invite.

Chantilly Lace & Satin Ribbon:

This custom invitation in addition to being a dual language, pocket wedding invitation with Glitter Thermography, also encompasses the Chantilly Lace & Satin Ribbon on the outside jacket of the invitation. The antique looking Chantilly lace is also reminiscent of the old Armenian lace work embroidered by the talented women of the Armenian culture. Tamar’s wedding invitation really has it all!

Circle Rhinestone Brooch Bling!:

The circle rhinestone brooch is affixed on top of the jacket of the invitation layered on the very top of the lace and satin ribbon. So this ancient Chantilly Lace is made modern with the satin ribbon and the Blinged brooch.

Price for Natural Linen Bling Wedding Invitation:

The Price for the Natural Linen Bling Wedding Invitation with Chantilly Lace, Rhinestone Brooch, Satin ribbon, Glitter Thermography, Pocket, and dual language Armenian Text is:

Wedding Invitations: $1080 for a Quantity of 25 invites

Price for Wedding Reception Card, Quantity 25: $110

Price for Wedding Response Card, Quantity 25: $140

Price for Wedding Thank You Cards, Quantity 25: $140

Please call, email or come in to Hyegraph to get a custom quote for your personalized, custom wedding invitations! Don’t forget to address your wedding invitation envelopes with elegant Digital Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing. We congratulate the newlyweds and their families!


Vows on Scrolls for Athena & Michael’s Wedding ~ Featured in CeciStyle Magazine ~ New York

Athena & Michael’s Masquerade Wedding at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco was featured in CeciStyle Magazine, photographed by Philippe Lee of JSP Visuals and the Vows on scrolls are by Hyegraph San Francisco using Charu Papers.

Vows on Scrolls for Masquerade WeddingVows on Scrolls for Masquerade Wedding

Vows on Scrolls for Masquerade Wedding

Gold Scrolls Masquerade Wedding Gold Scrolls


The above “vows on scrolls” are on gold shimmer Japanese mullberry paper with gold wooden scroll sticks with matching gold scroll holder. The vows are printed on the gold scrolls with thermography method of printing in black ink.

Consider Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy for exceptional service and products. See our Press & Happy Customers! Congratulations, Jacques/Hyegraph


Published in the Knot Magazine, Northern California~ Paul & Megan’s Wedding ~ Invitations by Hyegraph

Pual & Megan’s Wedding was put together by some of our colleagues who are part of the San Francisco Bay Area Event/Wedding Professionals, creating an elegant affaire. Franklin Davis of provided brassworks music, Bridal Galleria proved the Bridal Gown, the reception was held in Burlingame, CA at Kohl Mansion, Classic Party Rentals provided the dinnerware, Dia Pao Phototgraphy took the amazing photos and Hyegraph created the Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations & Calligraphy. You can see more of Pual & Megan’s Wedding as featured on the Knot.

Wedding Invitations, save the dates and calligraphy featured on the Knot Invitations, save the dates and calligraphy by Hyegraph image475x475

Please call, Email of stop by at Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA to create your custom wedding invitations, save the dates and calligraphy for your next event. See our Wedding Blog for recent designs and promotions.


Indian Wedding Invitations by Charu Papers

One of our most luxurious Indian Wedding Invitation lines is Charu Papers. This Invitation line is elegant, colorful and whimsical. Charu is an expert in using exciting colors, bold designs to accomplish striking results when it comes to stationery products. We carry Charu Papers’ Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitvah and Save the Date Invitation Collections.

Charu Papers not only provides Indian Wedding Invitations, but exotic designs for any cultural or vibrant wedding. We would recommend this Invitation Line for Indian, Afghani, Persian, Asian and Jewish Weddings and Events. Whether it’s for a fantastic Save the Date Invitation or an elaborate Far East Wedding Invitation, this selection of foils, patterned liners, silkscreen printing, and vibrant inks and details make a splash yet is still modern and cutting edge.

wedding invitations by Charu at hyegraph

Indian Wedding Invitations

The above example of an Indian Wedding Invitation which can also be used for Asian, Afghani or other cultural wedding is such a delight, it looks like a candied-jewel! This boxed invitation comes as is in vibrant pink, floral design on it’s borders and a peek-a-boo cut out to accent the wedding couple’s names embellished with bark skin, textured papers in the background or you can customize this invitation with your theme and colors. Please see our Charu Papers Page for more designs.

Boxed Indian Wedding Invitation by Charu inside view:


Boxed Pocket Indian Wedding Invitations

The above example of an Indian Wedding Invitation is by Charu. This example is the inside of the Boxed Wedding Invitation. The outer layer is pink and the inside is complementary silver with accompanying silver rsvp card and return envelope. The invitation is printed in brown ink and the bride and groom’s names are printed in matching pink ink. For more examples please see our website or come in to Hyegraph Embarcadero in San Francisco, located in the Financial District at the Embarcadero Center.

To see Scroll Invitations and Scroll Wedding Invitations please see our Scroll Wedding Invitations Category.

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Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing

I’ve been working with many bridal clients, corporate offices, planners and managers on their Digital Calligraphy orders for upcoming functions and events. My clients are local from the San Francisco Area as well as surrounding cities including Napa, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. I’ve also been getting calls nationwide for Calligraphy from New York, Seattle, WA, and Hawaii.

Digital Calligraphy also known as Computerized or Machine Calligraphy is popular with people planning events who would like beautiful, professional results and also cost efficient with rapid turn around.

Here is an Example of Envelope Addressing using Digital/Computer Calligraphy:

Font Style PE Andante

The above Font Style, PE Andante, illustrates a popular Calligraphy style clients like on their Envelope Addressing. The ink color on this sample is gold and the envelope color is complementary cream.

For more Calligraphy Font Styles, Pricing and Ordering Instructions please see our Calligraphy and Digital Calligraphy categories. I can customize your Envelopes with Elegant Calligraphy in as little as two days. Simply email me your guest list and mail or drop off your Envelopes to our Embarcadero Store in San Francisco, CA. Prices are $1 per Envelope for black ink and $1.25 for colored ink. I can match your Envelope Calligraphy to your Invitation font style or to another font style of your choice. Please take a look at our Testimonials Page for Happy Customers. Don’t hesitate to email or call me with questions regarding your Envelope Addressing.

Stuffing, Sealing, Stamping & Mailing Envelopes

In addition to Calligraphy we also provide a stuffing & Mailing Service which includes: Stuffing your envelopes with the invitation, Sealing the Envelopes, Stamping the Envelopes (stamps not included) and Delivering your Sealed Envelopes to the Mail House. Prices for our Stuffing & Mailing Service is $.75 per Envelope Set. For more information on our Envelope Stuffing & Mailing Service, please go to our Calligraphy page. Congratulations on your Special Event, hope to be part of your event planning process. Jacques/Hyegraph.



Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, Place Cards, Menus, Programs, Invitations

Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy creates Chic and Stylish Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes, Place Cards, Menus, Programs and Wedding Invitations.

Calligrapher, Jacques Oskanian, uses computer calligraphy to ensure speedy turnaround, affordable prices and elegant results.  Jacques has been creating calligraphy products for clients for over 2o years serving San Francisco and all over California including Napa Valley, San Jose, Southern California and nationwide!

Here are some Popular Calligraphy styles our customer love:

Font Style "Enchanted"

Font Style ~Enchanted~

This Example of Calligraphy Illustrates: Enchanted Font Style.

Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes Font Style ~Avalon~

Font Style ~Avalon~

Another Example of Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes is Avalon Font Style.

Font Style Andante

Font Style ~Andante~

This Example of Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes Illustrates Andante Font Style.

Font Style Allegro

Font Style ~ Allegro~

This Example of Calligraphy Illustrates Allegro Font Style.

Hyegraph also creates Custom Menus and Programs for Events.

Calligraphy for Menus and Programs

Calligraphy for Menus and Programs

This Example Illustrates Calligraphy for Menus and Programs.

Hyegraph also uses Computer Calligraphy for Place Cards also known as Seating Cards.

Calligraphy for Seating Cards

Calligraphy for Place Cards

Here is an example of Calligraphy used for Place Cards for an event.

Jacques also uses Computer Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers.

Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers

Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers

This is an Example of Calligraphy used for Table Names and Table Numbers.

Ordering Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, Menus, Programs, Table Names and Table Numbers is easy with Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy. Jacques Oskanian makes the process quick and painless.

Placing orders for Calligraphy Service.

  • Compile your Guest List. Please use this form or your own Excel spreadsheet, Word or Text File to enter Guest List Addresses and send to
  • Mail or drop off your Envelopes to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

3 Embarcadero Center ~ Street Level

San Francisco, California 94111

For Questions call: 415-626-0461 or email Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at:

For Placing orders for Menus, Place Cards and Programs. Follow the same instructions as above. Email your text and mail us your stationery or drop it off at our San Francisco office.

Your Calligraphy Job will be ready in one to two days from the time we have received all pertinent information, including guest names, envelopes or stationery products and text.

Prices for Calligraphy from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

$1 for Outer Envelope Black Ink

$.50 for Inner Envelope Black Ink

$.75 for Inner Envelope Colored Ink

$1.25 for Inner Envelope Colored Ink

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy wants you to feel confident with placing Calligraphy orders and Satisfied with your Products. Please see our Happy Customers on See why clients trust the Calligraphy Service they receive from our stationery business. To see more Font Styles for Calligraphy you can see our website or drop by our San Francisco, California location to browse our Calligraphy Section and match your font style or pick one to suit your taste and Event.

Thank You for considering Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy as your Stationery provider and Jacques Oskanian as your personal Calligrapher. Please see for complete list of Wedding Invitations and Services.


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We’re Celebrating 30 Years of Stationery with $50 Gift Certificate

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Signor Giorgio Armani Calligraphy printed on William Arthur Place Cards

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Signor Giorgio Armani Calligraphy printed on William Arthur Place Cards Elegant place cards are proper for any event. Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy was asked to print these fine William Arthur high quality place cards with our Digital Calligraphy for a private “Armani” event here in San Francisco.  William Arthur place card were chosen because of […]

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Calligraphy for William Arthur Place Card & Escort Card with Entree Choice Icon

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Calligraphy for William Arthur Place Card & Escort Card with Entree Choice Icon Whatever your event, whether it’s a formal black tie gala in San Francisco, a destination wedding in Hawaii, or a small fundraiser at a personal residence in the city, a place card is a great detail that can be easy, functional and […]

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