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Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, Place Cards, Menus, Programs, Invitations

Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy creates Chic and Stylish Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes, Place Cards, Menus, Programs and Wedding Invitations.

Calligrapher, Jacques Oskanian, uses computer calligraphy to ensure speedy turnaround, affordable prices and elegant results.  Jacques has been creating calligraphy products for clients for over 2o years serving San Francisco and all over California including Napa Valley, San Jose, Southern California and nationwide!

Here are some Popular Calligraphy styles our customer love:

Font Style "Enchanted"

Font Style ~Enchanted~

This Example of Calligraphy Illustrates: Enchanted Font Style.

Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes Font Style ~Avalon~

Font Style ~Avalon~

Another Example of Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes is Avalon Font Style.

Font Style Andante

Font Style ~Andante~

This Example of Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes Illustrates Andante Font Style.

Font Style Allegro

Font Style ~ Allegro~

This Example of Calligraphy Illustrates Allegro Font Style.

Hyegraph also creates Custom Menus and Programs for Events.

Calligraphy for Menus and Programs

Calligraphy for Menus and Programs

This Example Illustrates Calligraphy for Menus and Programs.

Hyegraph also uses Computer Calligraphy for Place Cards also known as Seating Cards.

Calligraphy for Seating Cards

Calligraphy for Place Cards

Here is an example of Calligraphy used for Place Cards for an event.

Jacques also uses Computer Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers.

Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers

Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers

This is an Example of Calligraphy used for Table Names and Table Numbers.

Ordering Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, Menus, Programs, Table Names and Table Numbers is easy with Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy. Jacques Oskanian makes the process quick and painless.

Placing orders for Calligraphy Service.

  • Compile your Guest List. Please use this form or your own Excel spreadsheet, Word or Text File to enter Guest List Addresses and send to
  • Mail or drop off your Envelopes to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

3 Embarcadero Center ~ Street Level

San Francisco, California 94111

For Questions call: 415-626-0461 or email Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at:

For Placing orders for Menus, Place Cards and Programs. Follow the same instructions as above. Email your text and mail us your stationery or drop it off at our San Francisco office.

Your Calligraphy Job will be ready in one to two days from the time we have received all pertinent information, including guest names, envelopes or stationery products and text.

Prices for Calligraphy from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

$1 for Outer Envelope Black Ink

$.50 for Inner Envelope Black Ink

$.75 for Inner Envelope Colored Ink

$1.25 for Inner Envelope Colored Ink

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy wants you to feel confident with placing Calligraphy orders and Satisfied with your Products. Please see our Happy Customers on See why clients trust the Calligraphy Service they receive from our stationery business. To see more Font Styles for Calligraphy you can see our website or drop by our San Francisco, California location to browse our Calligraphy Section and match your font style or pick one to suit your taste and Event.

Thank You for considering Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy as your Stationery provider and Jacques Oskanian as your personal Calligrapher. Please see for complete list of Wedding Invitations and Services.


Affordable Scroll Wedding Invitations, Indian Wedding Invitations for Indian Weddings

This morning a customer called and asked for samples of our Scroll Invitations for Indian Weddings. We have a very popular line of Scroll Invitations, however, we don’t have all of the images on our website. We emailed her some of our scroll samples. However, below are more images for future wedding couples. Enjoy!

Scroll Wedding Invitation - Indian Weddings

Scroll Invitation with gold tassel with case comes in pink satin ribbon envelope for mailing.

Above is an example of scroll invitation in pink with bold pink borders, gold scroll and tassel with case and mailing envelope.

Scroll Wedding Invitation - Indian Wedding Invitations

Scroll Invitation in Lime Green with Gold Tassel, case with satin ribbon and envelope for mailing.

Second Example of Scroll Invitation for Indian Weddings–gold intricate design border adds art and elegance to this design–You may choose this item with matching RSVP and Thank You Card.

Velvet Scroll Wedding Invitation - Indian Wedding Invitations

Scroll Invitation in velvet, color–yellow mustard with red fancy borders, gold tube and velvet pouch and mailing envelope.

Third Example of Scroll Invitation is Royal in classic Mustard and Red Borders with gold tassel. The scroll fits inside the fancy gold tube comes with velvet pouch and matching mustard envelope for mailing.

Scroll Wedding Invitations

Scroll Invitations

This Charming Scroll Invitation is Regal in Beige Velvet and bold fancy borders. This set comes with storage box and Gold Tube. Included is matching Beige mailing Envelope. Quite elaborate for a Royal Wedding in the states or in India.

Red Velvet Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll Invitations

Scroll Invitation in Classic Indian Red Velvet with Gold borders, Gold Royal Tube and Red carrying case comes with matching red mailing envelope. This is the Classic Favorite for Indian Weddings and makes a Bold Statement with it’s color, style and elegance. You’re guests will be charmed with this Invitation Set.

Our selection of Scroll Invitations includes paper or velvet materials, your choice of font style and ink color. Also we offer other colors to match your wedding theme. You may choose to add on matching RSVP and Thank You cards.  Prices vary from $6 to $25 per set depending on style, material, and options.

How to Order Your Scroll Invitations

  • Choose the Design you prefer
  • Pick the Color for Your Wedding Theme
  • Decide on the Quantity for your order
  • Email us your wording
  • Make payment with Credit Card
  • Orders will take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Call Us to complete and confirm your order at 415-626-0461 or email us at

Check out our website for satisfied customers over our 20 years of service! Testimonials.
See our Website for more information. Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

We Congratulate You on this Happy Occasion and Thank You for considering Hyegraph to be a part of this memorable occasion! Congratulations, ~ Hyegraph


Digital Calligraphy! Addressing the Envelope, Font Styles
Hyegraph creates Elegant Digital Calligraphy also known as Computer Calligraphy for Your Guest List.
  • An affordable alternative to Hand Calligraphy.
  • Speedy turnaround and cost efficient with Professional Results.
Popular samples our Customers love for Envelope Addressing are listed below.
Digital Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
This Example of Digital Calligraphy illustrates: Crane Hand Font Style.
Digital Calligraphy
This Example of Digital Calligraphy Illustrates: Edwardian Font Style.
Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
An Example of Digital Calligraphy Used to Print Addresses for Envelopes with Font Style Artistic Script.
Custom Digital Calligraphy
An Example of Digital Calligraphy printed with Font Style: Florence Script.
Digital Wedding CalligraphyCustom Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
For more samples see our website, or call us at 415-626-0461.
How to place your order for Envelope Addressing:
  • Step One: Pick Your Favorite Font from our Samples above or from our website:
  • Step Two: email us your guest list. Please use this form or your own Excel spreadsheet, Word or Text File to enter Guest List Addresses and send to
  • Step Three: mail or drop off your envelopes to
Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy
3 Embarcadero Center ~ Street Level
San Francisco CA 94111
Prices for Digital Calligraphy: $1 For Outer Envelope. $.50 for inner Envelope for Black Ink. Colored Ink is $.25 cents more.
Shipping & Handling charges will apply if corresponding by mail. Indicate if you need regular ground shipping or overnight or 2nd day delivery.
Confirmation of Order
Once I’ve received your email of your guest names & addresses I will send out a confirmation email to you. I will start your order once I receive your envelopes.
Payment Method
Accepted Forms of payment are cash, check & credit card.
Thank You for Considering Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy for your Calligraphy Service. It is my honor to provide you with the highest level of product & service.


Fine Italian Stationery & Wedding Invitations from ROSSI of Italy at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

ROSSI is a beautiful Fine Stationery Producer based in Italy. One day a client walked in to Hyegraph at the Embarcadero Center, Financial District San Francisco and asked Jacques to print her Wedding Invitations for her. She had just picked up some beautiful Medioevalis fine Italian Stationery by ROSSI from Italy. I fell in love with the textures of the papers and the beautiful calligraphy Jacques used to print the wedding invitations that we had to order some of this antique, vintage looking invites with, deckled, jagged edges for our own store.

ROSSI has beautiful designs with lavender, Tuscany designs, Florentine, Renaissance, marbled and so many more patterns you have to come in to see more of their papers!

ROSSI Fine Italian Papers & Wedding Invitations from Italy at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District, San Francisco, CA:

ROSSI papers and wedding invitations available at Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

Fine Italian Papers from Italy by ROSSI available at

You can see more of the ROSSI/Medioevalis papers, wedding invitations, place cards, save the dates, envelopes and menus at Hyegraph. Simply Call us at 415-626-0461, email us at or stop by at:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy
3 Embarcadero Center ~ Street Level
San Francisco, California

We can help you with printing, custom design to create a unique invite for your occasion. Hilda Oskanian


Monique Lhuillier Designer Wedding Invitations & Custom Stationery at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Monique Lhuillier loves to make her clients look suave and elegant with her ultra feminine wedding gown collection, her formal gown wear, evening shoes and her Fine Wedding and Custom Stationery. She has designed only one Wedding Album entitled, “FINE PAPER COLLECTION”.  This unique album feature save the date cards, wedding invitations, response cards, thank you cards, custom personalized stationery, wedding programs, accommodations cards, maps, menus, personalized napkins, and unique wedding place cards.

Monique_Lhuillier_envelofold_embossed_wedding_invitations_hyegraph Monique_Lhuillier_wedding_invitation_pockets_hyegraph_invitations Monique_lhuillier_wedding_invitation_satin_bowmonique_lhuillier_wedding_invitation_white_butterfly_hyegraph_invitations

Each one of Monique’s Designs are special because she personally designs them inspired by her wedding gown collection. Her cards have embossed butterflies, alencon lace patterns, laser cut, die cut, silk & satin bows, flowers, roses and more designs. Another great feature of the Monique Lhuillier Album is the printing styles. You’re not limited to only letterpress, engraved or thermography. Instead, on most of her stationery designs you can choose from Thermography, Engraved, or Letterpress, which adjusts the price according to the printing technique used. This allows you to set your budget but still order designer invitations! Please come in to Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco 94132 so you can personally see her designs in person. Don’t forget to add elegant Calligraphy on your guest envelopes for just $1.00, see more of our Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates and our Happy Customers! Sincerely, Hyegraph/San Francisco


Happy Easter Fabergé Egg Greeting Cards from Paula Skene Designs of San Francisco at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District

Easter is upon us and for the first time we at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco are offering Easter Greeting Cards from the very talented Paula Skene of Paula Skene Designs. This line is entitled The gold Line! These Fabergé egg designs look just like the real thing.  The first Faberge egg was designed for Tsar Alexander III of Russia to give to his wife, Princess Vilhelmine Marie of Denmark on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. The goldsmith’s name was Faberge, therefore later the egg was named after the designer Fabergé.

Blue & Gold Toned Faberge Egg Happy Easter Greeting Cards from Paula Skene Designs of San Francisco:

Happy Easter Greeting Card in Faberge Egg from Paula Skene of San Francisco

Faberge Easter Greeting Cards from Paula Skene Designs available from $6.00/each at 3 Embarcadero Center

“Happy Easter” greeting inside of Faberge Egg Greeting Card printed in Gold Foil Ink from Paula Skene Designs:

Paula Skene Design Easter Greeting Card inside view

“Happy Easter” Greeting Card enclosure, inside view of Faberge Egg from Paula Skene Designs of San Francisco, available at $6.00 each

Real Faberge Egg adorned with gold and rose designs:

Real Fabergé Egg designed with gold and rose decorations.

Real Fabergé Egg designed with gold and rose decorations.

All of these delightful greeting card designs are available to personalize and send out or give out to family and friends for Easter. The egg symbolizes fertility and rebirth for Christians on Easter is also symbolizes the resurrection of Christ! See more Paula Skene Designs on our Paula Skene Category, or shop in our store, Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111. Check out our Calligraphy designs on our Calligraphy Page or Shop Online for Invitations on our Shop ONLINE Site. Please have a Happy Easter!


Digital Calligraphy Printed on Wooden Panels for Whiskey Tasting Event

We completed custom, digital calligraphy on our client’s wooden panels for a Whiskey tasting event coming up in San Francisco.

Digital Calligraphy for whiskey tasting event

Digital Calligraphy printed on wooden panels for a Whiskey Tasting Event $5.00 per panel printing,

I personally haven’t been to a whiskey tasting event, like the 8th Annual Whiskey Tasting Event in San Francisco coming up on October 2014, however I have been to wine tasting in Napa. I can certainly taste the whiskey now, and for sure these folks will have a lot of fun because there will be spirits involved. The above wooden panels were printed by Jacques and they came out really unique so I wanted to share them with you! Hope you like them and let me know what you think?

Let me know if you need calligraphy for any unusual surfaces like these wooden panels. You can see more of our calligraphy examples on our Calligraphy Category, and more stationery and invitation designs on our Blog.


Mr. Boddington’s Studio Fine Greeting Cards at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Mr. Boddington’s Studio offers couture correspondence stationery with a fun, quirky tag line. If you haven’t seen it, stop by at Hyegraph to take a peek, in addition they have a Custom Couture Correspondence Letterpress line which you can personalize for a Save the Date Card, Wedding Invitation suite including a rehearsal dinner card, map card, rsvp card and an activities card. Mr. Boddington’s Studio’s distinguished Letterpress Line is tasteful, and attention grasping for your guests. Mr. Boddington’s Studio is based out of New York City and offers sleek designs for a high end bride, wedding or event. The cost for an invitation suite from Mr. Boddington’s Studio is a minimum of 50 invitation suite for $2000. So you should defanitely have the budget for a couture, high end invitation suite.

“HAPPILY EVERY AFTER” Mr. Boddington’s Studio Couture Greeting Cards:

Mr. Boddington's Studio Couture Greeting Card

Mr. Boddington’s Studio Couture Wedding Greeting Card “…and they lived HAPPILY EVERY AFTER” $5.50

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Mr. Boddington’s Studio Couture Greeting Card:

Will You be my bridesmaid? Couture Greeting Cards from Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco.

“Will You be my bridesmaid?” Mr. Boddington’s Studio Couture Greeting Cards $5.00

The above greeting card is a fun and thoughtful way to ask your friend to join in as part of your private circle to celebrate your wedding day and all the preperations that go along with getting ready for the event.

Congratulations Card from Mr. Boddinton’s Studio available at Hyegraph!

Congratulatons Card on New baby from Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco

Congratulations Card on new baby from Mr. Boddington’s Studio $5.00

The Mr. Boddington’s Studio brand is from NYC. Their icons include a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, lobster, crab and yoga amung other interesting artwork designs. There is also city bridges including the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and the New York Brooklyn Brdige. There are also decorative invitation design borders with lace and scallop as well as transcending wall paper, envelope liners and beutiful ink colors to incorporate into the desing of the wedding invitation suite. The Mr. Boddington’s Studio line is in letterpress, therefore it is considered high end and will cost a lot, so it’s not recommended for a bride or an event on a budget. Hoever, if you can splurge then you can order from this exquistie line.

You can see more of the Mr. Boddington’s Studio fun greeting card selections on our Mr. Boddington’s Studio Category. To design your beautiful Wedding Stationery please come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. Please call or email us for an appointment. You can also check out or order your Wedding Invitations ONLINE. Congratulations, Hyegraph


Wedding Calligraphy~Wedding Envelope Calligraphy~Elegant Calligraphy

This elegant Font Style Some Weatz Swashes is a script font style that’s perfect for an impressive formal wedding invitation. It is the wedding season again, and we’re here to address your invitations with our beautiful Digital Calligraphy. It’s a fast wedding season with a lot of weddings taking places in Napa and Sonoma. We also have a lot of destination weddings, where our couples are heading back home for a small town wedding. We have clients going back to Main, Massachusetts, Sacramento, Ojai, California and other destinations.

Wedding Calligraphy with Digital Calligraphy~Font Style Some Weatz Swashes

wedding calligraphy font style some weatz swashes

Wedding Calligraphy “Some Weatz Swashes” Font Style

Wedding & Party Trends

Wedding & Party trends this season seem to be The Great Gatsby, Black & White Chalkboard Themed invitations, laser die-cut invitations & lace invitations. Of course the white and ecru understated invitation is a classic and always a favorite. Since we’re in San Francisco, one of the biggest hot wedding trends seems to be Napa weddings.

Napa Weddings

Napa weddings include wedding in wineries, mansion and estates. These are romantic Tuscan style weddings with the beautiful wineries as a backdrop. All of Napa is the perfect background for a romantic rustic wedding. This includes Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville and Yountville.

Weather your wedding is local, a destination wedding or a Napa style wedding we can help  you design and create the right invitation for you, we help you make a good impression. For ordering Calligraphy please go to our CALLIGRAPHY PAGE on our website, you can also order ONLINE on our SHOP ONLINE PAGE.  If you’re in the Bay Area please stop by at Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. Thank You, Hyegraph


Violation Font Style Calligraphy

Here is a new font style we’re using to address our clients’ invitations. Violation Font Style is a script and sexy font style.

Violation Font Style Calligraphy


Violation Font Style Calligraphy

A great way to save time is to have your invitations addressed with digital calligraphy also referred to as computer or machine calligraphy. We can have your invitations addressed in 1 to 2 business days. Simply email us your guest list to, drop off or mail us your envelopes and pick your favorite font style like this one called “violation”. You can pick more font styles form our calligraphy & envelope addressing pages.

Digital Calligraphy is a favorite among our clients. We love providing calligraphy service to our clients in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Our happy clients include bride & grooms & party planners from San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Seattle, Washington D.C. and other major cities nationwide!

Prices for calligraphy for envelopes is $1.00, Inner Envelope Calligraphy is $.50, Return Address Printing is $.50, Place Card Calligraphy is $1.00 and Menu Calligraphy is $1.75. Please call with questions!

Please call, email or come in to Hyegraph located at 3 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. We’re here to provide you with exceptional service and products. Congratulations! Hyegraph Team


THANK YOU, thank you & Thank You Cards from Crane & CO. at Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco

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Fresh Thank You Cards from Crane & Co at Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco Spring Green, Clementine & Raspberry Thank You Cards from Crane & Co. are great mood boosters when writing appreciation to friends and colleagues. Here are the newest designs just arrived at Hyegraph: Clementine Thermographed Thank You Notes from Crane & Co.: Spring [...]

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Best Wedding Invitations 2014 Bay Area A List~Hyegraph San Francisco

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San Francisco Bay List Names Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy #1 Wedding Invitations Vendor on 2014 Bay Area A-List The results are In! THANK YOU for naming Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy, #1 Wedding Invitations on the 2014 Bay Area A-List. Bay Area A List Thank You dear Hyegraph Patrons for making us Bay Area’s Best Wedding [...]

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Crane & Co. Note Cards at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

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CRANE & CO. Note Cards at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco Celebrate Spring with Fresh Designs from Crane & Co.!     All of the above designs are from Crane & Co. These fresh colors and spring motifs are fun and delightful. These Boxed Note Cards come engraved or in brushstroke design. The prices [...]

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