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Lori & Armen’s Armenian Wedding Invitation in Armenian & English by Hyegraph San Francisco

Lori & Armen are both San Franciscans with Armenian descent. They both grew up in the Bay Area and they both attended the local Armenian Christian School, KZV, in San Francisco. That’s where they met and in later years got together romantically. Lori & Amen are a young, sophisticated dashing couple. When they came in to Hyegraph to choose their custom wedding stationery, we were more then happy to work with them.

armenian_wedding_invitation_lori_and_armen_hyegraph armen_and_lori_armenian_classical_font_hyegraph_invitations_and_calligraphy armen_and_lori_armenian_wedding_invitation_hyegraph_invitations_and_calligraphy checkerobard_wedding_invitation_pocket_reception_insert_hyegraph_invitations_and_calligraphyLori & Armen were very adamant about including Armenian text in their invitations since their Armenian traditions were such a big part of their identity. We worked with them to create a very sophisticated invitation incorporating the Armenian Text and an Armenian Monogram in part created by their family member. As you can see the ancient Armenian Text, the “A” for Armen and the “L” for Lori, intertwined in the center of the silver and black two layer, pocket invite from our Checkerboard stationery brand.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

There is a surprise element to this invitation on the back. From the front you wouldn’t know this is a “pocket invitation“, however, when you flip to the back, there is very distinguished pocket where the reception, response and accommodation card are hidden but neatly present for their guests. This example of a pocket wedding invitation illustrates a neat and formal look that will impress guests.

Armenian & English Wedding Text with Custom Monogram

The silver and black color scheme of Lori & Armen’s Dual-Language Wedding Invitation create a rich, formal appeal and suite the rest of their wedding theme. This Checkerboard design invitation with custom Armenian monogram is in two layers, silver layer on top of black backing; the wedding invitation envelope has a shimmer, charcoal lining, encased in a extra thick envelope with Geneva Flap. The lettering for both the Armenian and the English text is in black thermography. The font style for the English wording is “Trajan” for the names and “Burgus” for the body of the invitation.

Response Card & Reception Card

The matching Response and Reception cards are on silver shimmer card stock with black ink thermography. The Response card includes Entree Choice icons: cow for beef, fish for seafood and a carrot for vegetarian.

Jacques also addressed the couple’s wedding invitation envelopes with Hyegraph’s Digital Calligraphy and printed the wedding place cards. Congratulations to our couple and Best Wishes!



Armenian Wedding Invitations

Our Armenian couple, Arpi & Bedross chose to print their wedding invitations in both their ethnic language of Armenian and in English. They chose a beautiful aubergine and cream combination design from Carlson Craft. To truly create a unique wedding invite, telling of their heritage, Arpi & Bedross enveloped their invitation with a cream band inscribed with their initials in traditional Armenian artwork design. The intertwined A & B of their initials is a symbolic expression of the lovely couple intertwining their lives with the promise of love and ancestral tradition.

Arpi & Bedross’ Armenian and English Wedding Invitations with Armenian Artwork and Lettering:


Armenian Wedding Invitations

The couple chose to have an illustrator from Sardarabad Book Store, located in Los Angeles to create their art-work for their initials seen here on the custom tab of the pocket invitation. Arpi & Bedross chose a pocket wedding invitation to stuff all their inserts, including their accommodations card, rsvp card with return envelope and reception card. The couple resides in the Bay Area, however, their nuptials will take place in Los Angeles where their extended families will join them in the celebration.

Accommodations Card Used for Armenian Wedding Invitation:


Accommodations Card

The Accommodations Card is a great way to direct your out of town guests to the venue of your choice where they may receive special discounts and also have an opportunity to see other family and guests who are attending the wedding. In addition to the accommodations card, the reception card will make it easy for guests to have all the necessary information already printed for them on an easy to read card. Finally, the rsvp card allows guests to respond to the invitation and also write any fun comments for the bride and groom.

Armenian Wedding Invitation

Below you can see the ancient Armenian fonts that were created thousands of years ago by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian monk, theologian and linguist. This beautiful language is cherished by the elders of Armenian communities all over the globe and still taught to the younger members of the community. In the Bay Area, Armenian is taught in Friday and Saturday schools and in San Francisco, KZV (Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan Armenian School) serves as the only Armenian School. Arpi and Bedross, by including this ancient text as part of their Wedding Invitation, have chosen to honor their heritage and pay homage to their ancestral roots in this very touching tribute to their family history.


Armenian Wedding Invitations

Arpi & Bedross’ dual-language, Armenian wedding invitation is an example of a very personal design thought up by the couple. The first way the couple achieves this very personalized wedding invite, is by choosing to include their ancestral language as part of the invitation. Second, the couple working with an artist create a custom monogram by using Armenian Art. This highly personalized card is an example of why we enjoy the invitation business where we can assist couples in the design and production of their invitations. For more examples on dual-language invitations please see our Dual-Language Invitations Category on our blog. We congratulate Arpi & Bedross and wish them a lifetime of Happiness, Health & Success/Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy


Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, Place Cards, Menus, Programs, Invitations

Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy creates Chic and Stylish Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes, Place Cards, Menus, Programs and Wedding Invitations.

Calligrapher, Jacques Oskanian, uses computer calligraphy to ensure speedy turnaround, affordable prices and elegant results.  Jacques has been creating calligraphy products for clients for over 2o years serving San Francisco and all over California including Napa Valley, San Jose, Southern California and nationwide!

Here are some Popular Calligraphy styles our customer love:

Font Style "Enchanted"

Font Style ~Enchanted~

This Example of Calligraphy Illustrates: Enchanted Font Style.

Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes Font Style ~Avalon~

Font Style ~Avalon~

Another Example of Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes is Avalon Font Style.

Font Style Andante

Font Style ~Andante~

This Example of Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes Illustrates Andante Font Style.

Font Style Allegro

Font Style ~ Allegro~

This Example of Calligraphy Illustrates Allegro Font Style.

Hyegraph also creates Custom Menus and Programs for Events.

Calligraphy for Menus and Programs

Calligraphy for Menus and Programs

This Example Illustrates Calligraphy for Menus and Programs.

Hyegraph also uses Computer Calligraphy for Place Cards also known as Seating Cards.

Calligraphy for Seating Cards

Calligraphy for Place Cards

Here is an example of Calligraphy used for Place Cards for an event.

Jacques also uses Computer Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers.

Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers

Calligraphy for Table Names and Table Numbers

This is an Example of Calligraphy used for Table Names and Table Numbers.

Ordering Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, Menus, Programs, Table Names and Table Numbers is easy with Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy. Jacques Oskanian makes the process quick and painless.

Placing orders for Calligraphy Service.

  • Compile your Guest List. Please use this form or your own Excel spreadsheet, Word or Text File to enter Guest List Addresses and send to
  • Mail or drop off your Envelopes to:

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

3 Embarcadero Center ~ Street Level

San Francisco, California 94111

For Questions call: 415-626-0461 or email Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy at:

For Placing orders for Menus, Place Cards and Programs. Follow the same instructions as above. Email your text and mail us your stationery or drop it off at our San Francisco office.

Your Calligraphy Job will be ready in one to two days from the time we have received all pertinent information, including guest names, envelopes or stationery products and text.

Prices for Calligraphy from Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

$1 for Outer Envelope Black Ink

$.50 for Inner Envelope Black Ink

$.75 for Inner Envelope Colored Ink

$1.25 for Inner Envelope Colored Ink

Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy wants you to feel confident with placing Calligraphy orders and Satisfied with your Products. Please see our Happy Customers on See why clients trust the Calligraphy Service they receive from our stationery business. To see more Font Styles for Calligraphy you can see our website or drop by our San Francisco, California location to browse our Calligraphy Section and match your font style or pick one to suit your taste and Event.

Thank You for considering Hyegraph Invitations and Calligraphy as your Stationery provider and Jacques Oskanian as your personal Calligrapher. Please see for complete list of Wedding Invitations and Services.


Digital Calligraphy! Addressing the Envelope, Font Styles
Hyegraph creates Elegant Digital Calligraphy also known as Computer Calligraphy for Your Guest List.
  • An affordable alternative to Hand Calligraphy.
  • Speedy turnaround and cost efficient with Professional Results.
Popular samples our Customers love for Envelope Addressing are listed below.
Digital Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
This Example of Digital Calligraphy illustrates: Crane Hand Font Style.
Digital Calligraphy
This Example of Digital Calligraphy Illustrates: Edwardian Font Style.
Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
An Example of Digital Calligraphy Used to Print Addresses for Envelopes with Font Style Artistic Script.
Custom Digital Calligraphy
An Example of Digital Calligraphy printed with Font Style: Florence Script.
Digital Wedding CalligraphyCustom Wedding Invitation Calligraphy
For more samples see our website, or call us at 415-626-0461.
How to place your order for Envelope Addressing:
  • Step One: Pick Your Favorite Font from our Samples above or from our website:
  • Step Two: email us your guest list. Please use this form or your own Excel spreadsheet, Word or Text File to enter Guest List Addresses and send to
  • Step Three: mail or drop off your envelopes to
Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy
3 Embarcadero Center ~ Street Level
San Francisco CA 94111
Prices for Digital Calligraphy: $1 For Outer Envelope. $.50 for inner Envelope for Black Ink. Colored Ink is $.25 cents more.
Shipping & Handling charges will apply if corresponding by mail. Indicate if you need regular ground shipping or overnight or 2nd day delivery.
Confirmation of Order
Once I’ve received your email of your guest names & addresses I will send out a confirmation email to you. I will start your order once I receive your envelopes.
Payment Method
Accepted Forms of payment are cash, check & credit card.
Thank You for Considering Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy for your Calligraphy Service. It is my honor to provide you with the highest level of product & service.


Escort Card & Place Card Calligraphy with Entre Choice Icons

Would your guests like chicken, fish, beef, vegetarian or do you have a child gust? Well all these can be accomplished when your guests return the wedding/event rsvp indicating their menu choice. Once, you’ve received all your guests meal choices you can respond to your caterer/venue and print your wedding/event place cards with Calligraphy and meal indicator icon.


meal indicator icons printed on place card

Escort Card/Place Card with Digital Calligraphy~meal indicator icons by

The above Escort/Place Card is a sample illustrating entre choice icons including: chicken, fish, beef, vegetarian and child’s plate. Additional icons are available to customize escort/place cards for your guests.

Please see our calligraphy page for font styles and ordering information. Please see our Place Card Category for more examples!


Calligraphy for Wedding Place Cards & Wedding Table Cards from Hyegraph

Our recent Bride & Groom were married at the City View at the Metreon in San Francisco. We designed their Wedding Invitations, Wedding Envelope Addressing, Wedding Seating Charts and their Wedding Place Cards & Wedding Table Cards with our Digital Calligraphy seen below.

Silver and gold wedding place cards printed with calligraphy Table Number Card printed with calligraphy Calligraphy for table numer cards Silver and Gold Wedding Table Place Cards printed with calligraphy custom calligraphy for table number cards CALLIGRAPHY-PRINTED-WEDDING-TABLE-NUMBER-CARD CALLIGRAPHY-TABLE-NUMBER-CARDThe above Calligraphy for custom wedding place cards and custom wedding table cards are available to customize for your next event. Our bride and groom chose these gold and silver designed cards to complement their custom Wedding Invitations from William Arthur Stationery. You can see more of their wedding stationery on our wedding Blog.

Please Call, Email Or come in to Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy in San Francisco, CA to customize your stationery.



Halloween Greeting Cards from Paula Skene Designs at Hyegraph Embarcadero Financial District San Francisco

Happy Halloween

halloween greeting card

Foil and embossed Witch & Broom with Black Cat, Ghost, Pumpkin and Skeleton on witches broom from Paula Skene Designs,


Foil and Embossed Halloween Greeting Card with bats and ghosts from Paula Skene Designs,


Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern gold foil “Happy Halloween” Greeting Card from Paula Skene Designs,


Black Witch with Black Cat Halloween Greeting Card


Stack of Pumpkins Halloween Greeting Card

These frighteningly delightful Halloween Cards are from our Paula Skene Designs. They come with bright & rich colors foil stamped and embossed to make them extraordinary!

The cards start from $6.75 and read “Happy Halloween” or are blank inside including a fitting orange envelope form Paula Skene Designs.

We’re happy to have greeting cards for different occasions from Paula Skene and other well known stationery designers including Birthday, Holiday, Valentine’s Day, Thank Yous and Thanksgiving Cards! Come and see our selection at Hyegraph Embarcadero San Francisco.


William Arthur Wedding Invitations ~ Ecru Painted Edge Card from Hyegraph San Francisco

The William Arthur Weddings Album Volume Three showcases some unique, brand new inspiring designs including this Ecru heavy weight bristol foil stamped navy blue painted edge card our client chose for her October wedding taking place in San Francisco at the City View at the Metreon!

This gold foil card is breathtaking with the couple’s name in large script fonts and the rest of the invite in block lettering. This makes an attractive and impressive invitation to a luxurious affair. The details are striking including the navy blue edges to the heavy weight bristol ecru card stock from William Arthur. The back of the card is plain ecru. Our couple, Shilpa & Blake also chose the matching gold foil polka dot design envelope liner (cost $25/25 lined envelopes).

Jacques addressed the couple’s invitation envelopes with Hyegraph’s Elegant Digital Calligraphy for Envelope Addressing (cost $1.00 per envelope). The couple also chose the printed envelopes with the Hindu Ganesha Symbol for the return envelope addressing (cost $716 for 25 invitations with single envelope printed).

This invitation is rich with detail and lavish with gold foils and painted edges. Together with the lined envelopes (gold polka dots, image not shown) and the printed Hindu Ganesha Symbol make a statement of refined taste and simultaneous opulence.

William Arthur Gold Foil Stamped Painted Edge Wedding Invitation Card:

gold foil stamped wedding invitations WILLIAM-ARTHUR-WEDDING-INVITATION-GOLD-FOIL-HYEGRAPH-INVITATION-AND-CALLIGRAPHY RETURN-ADDRESS-WEDDING-ENVELOPE-ADDRESSING-HINDU-GANESH-SYMBOL-HYEGRAPH-INVITATIONS-AND-CALLIGRAPHY GUEST-ADDRESS-ENVELOPE-ADDRESSING-RETURN-ADDRESS-ADDRESSING-HYEGRAPH-INVITATIONS-AND-CALLIGRAPHYThe above gold foil stamped wedding invitation also come in magenta, gold, silver or white edging. The gold foil stamping can be substituted with silver foil stamping letterpress printing or engraving.

These enchanting wedding invitations can also be ordered in matching edged Menu cards. Place Cards and Programs would also make a great addition to complete the wedding stationery set.

We also designed the couple’s Wedding Seating Chart, Wedding Place Cards, and Wedding Table Number Cards with our Digital Calligraphy.

Please Call Hyegraph for an appointment for a FREE Wedding Invitation Design Consultation.


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Calligraphy for Wedding Table Numbers with Golden Gate Bridge Theme

The Wedding Table Card Numbers below were printed with Hygraph’s Digital Calligraphy for our client’s upcoming wedding. The cards have the golden gate bridge theme and the table number on the custom card.

Table Number Card with Golden Gate Bridge Theme:

wedding table number card calligraphy

Calligraphy printed Wedding Table Number Cards with Golden Gate Bridge art

The above Table Number Card examples illustrate fun, clean and functional calligraphy printed cards for a wedding, however, these can be used for any function including gala, birthday, holiday party or any other event!

These Wedding Table Number Cards go great with Wedding Place Cards and Wedding Invitations with the Golden Gate Theme!

Don’t forget to check out our Wedding Invitations & Calligraphy! Congratulations!


Wedding Table Numbers ~ Elegant Wedding Table Number Card Calligraphy

These elegant wedding table numbers were designed and printed by Hyegraph using Hyegraph’s digital calligraphy. The examples illustrate borders, one place card is double sided, while the other is printed only on one side.

Wedding Table Number Cards~ Printed Digital Calligraphy Table Number Cards:

Calligraphy for wedding table number cardCalligraphy printed wedding table number card

The above wedding table number cards were created on stock from Hyegraph using our elegant Digital Calligraphy. You can choose your stock, design and font style to match your theme for your event, birthday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or holiday party. These table number cards are both esthetically pleasing and guide the bride & groom’s guest to be seated at the right tables.

To design your next wedding/event table number cards please call us at 415-626-0461, Email Us at, check us online at or stop by at our San Francisco Store located at 3 Embarcdero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111.

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